Victorian Engraving Bacchus & Ariadne Circa 1875

Victorian Engraving Bacchus & Ariadne Circa 1875
This truly gorgeous and just beautifully hand-coloured. I purchased this from an old gentleman of eighty-four who told me that he and his wife had been in the arts game most of their lives and that his wife was a Professional colouring artist. His wife had fact done the colour work on this piece about 50 years ago. They had kept this piece for their own collection but as they were now returning to England they were selling off some odd bits and pieces. The engraving carries the following: BACCHUS & ARIADNE. J.M.W. Turner. R.A. Pinx.t. C Cousen. Sculp.t. D. Appleton & Co. New York. Measures15" X 11 3/4" FRAMED and carries an Original Antique Engraving Certificate for Circa1875. Simply stunning!
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