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  • Vintage 1950's JOLLY SNAP Children's Card Game
    A full set of 36 cards plus the Instructions card. The box has a tear on it but overall the set is in very good condition.
    NZ$ 16.00
  • Wills Wild Woodbine Cigarette Advertising Playing Cards
    There are only 51 cards and no box. I'm not certain on the age of these but would think probably pre WW11 and more likely closer to early 1900's. General condition is worn but very good.
    NZ$ 18.00
  • CLUEDO The Great Detective Game 1960's
    This one is a bit tatty but is a 1960's edition so very collectible even so.. The box is 20" x 10".
    NZ$ 30.00
  • Advertising Playing Cards ALEXANDRE TAILORS
    These look like 1940's Art Deco...least the Building does ! Obviously a well known up-market Tailors in Oxford Steet London. Full pack in good condition although the box itself is a little scruffy.
    NZ$ 33.00
  • 1950's Pocket Pinball Game
    This one is made of plastic.....1950's Hong Kong. Features Soccer Players and you need to place the balls to score maximum points. Measures 3 inches across.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Vintage 1950's Austrian Playing Cards 'Car Families'
    A set of 33 oversize cards made by PIATNIK of Austria. Condition Good.
    NZ$ 38.00
  • Australian Aborigine Playing Cards - Souvenir Pack
    Nice old Souvenir Set from Australia depicting an Aborigine. This is a full deck including Jokers of 56 cards in very good condition....probably from around the 1970's.
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Lady Diana Spencer & Prince Charles Royal Wedding Commemorative Playing Cards Double Pack
    Original Waddingtons Double Deck Pack of Cards, The box is a bit tired showing wear stains but the cards are in very good condition. There are 52 cards plus Joker in each deck. Waddingtons hold a Warrant "By Appointment To The Queen" to supply Playing Cards for the Royal Family.
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Queen Elzabeth 11 Royal Coronation Playing Cards 1953
    A twin pack featuting the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. Used but in good overall condition.
    NZ$ 40.00
  • BUSY BEE Chldren's Playing Card Game
    BUSY BEE is a New Zealand Icon..... a pull-along Bumble Bee that 'clacks' as it's wheels turn. This is a Full Set of 36 cards plus instruction leaflet under the EDU CARDS Brand by Tanner Couch New Zealand. The Set dates to around the 1970's and is in excellent condition for age. Very Collectible old New Zealand card game.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Vintage 1940's PARAMOUNT MOVIES Jig Saw
    We have two of this series..the other is SYLVIA SYDNEY. I'd say these have to be 1940's...maybe early 50's latest. I believe these to be complete ..and a great collectible for any movie star buffs of course. Jig Saw Measures 11' x 8"
    NZ$ 47.00
  • A small French 'TALLY' For Card Players
    We believe that this is a TALLY or Scorer for keeping score in CARD PLAYING GAMES.The piece is just 3 1/8" x 3 1/4" in size and is 7 1/16th deep... it is Chrome plated in excellent condition....probably over brass. It has the letters "Bte S.G.D.G" imprinted on one side. "Bte S.G.D.G." is an abbreviation for a typical phrase concerning products from France. "Bte" is short for "breveté" ("patented") and " S.G.D.G." stands for "Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement" ("without government guarantee").
    NZ$ 48.00
  • Vintage 1950's Jig Saw
    A wonderful old children's Jig Saw of PIXIETOWN GARAGE. Complete and measuring 15" x 10 1/4". Would date to 1950's or earlier.
    NZ$ 49.00
  • Vintage Card Back
    Commonwealth Railways of Australia Souvenir Playing Cards pack....1960's I think. Good tidy condition.
    NZ$ 50.00
  • Badge 1X Central American Games 1962
    Enamel on brass. 1X Central American & Caribbean Games......Kingston 1962
    NZ$ 51.00
  • Vintage
    This is a full set in good condition. The pack states... Made in Hong Kong ,so I would think would date to the 1970's...maybe early '80's.
    NZ$ 51.00
  • S.S. Southern Cross Shipping Line Playing Cards
    The Southern Cross was launched in 1954. This is a full set of 54 cards in pretty good condition. Well used but all intact except the actual box is missing one flap where it opens up..
    NZ$ 53.00
  • Union Steam Ship Shipping Line Playing Cards T.E.V MAORI
    Full boxed set of 52 cards. The box is a little scruffy but the cards are in very good condition. The Maori was active from 1953 to 1974.
    NZ$ 54.00
  • 54 Beautiful Parisian Girls Card Pack -Circa 1960-70
    A pack of 54 Playing Cards featuring "54 Beautiful Parisian Girls Artistically In The Nude". A quite 'refined' set but with typical French Flair....all in very good condition Circa 1960-1970.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Edwardian Children's SNAP Playing Cards
    Brilliant graphics but not a full set here. There are 15 sets of 2 cards and 5 lots of just one card only.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Funniosities Playing Cards Game For Children
    A pack of cards ...full deck.....circa 1920's-30's...Made By Waddy Production in UK...INSTRUCTIONS on back of cards has lid are good for age...refer pics.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Retro Children's Card Game 'SATELITE' Space Race
    A wonderful old retro pack from the 1960's-70's...great depictions of spacecraft, rockets, etc. An EDU CARDS brand by Tanner Couch New Zealand. A full pack of 36 cards...a couple are are bit scruffy but most are in very good condition for age.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Vintage Tin Pocket Game
    A lovely little item measuring 3" x 3". The game has four tiny B'B Balls and the object is to get them all into the little counter sunk holes at the same time...very difficult...those young Rupert's and Sarah-Jane's carried these around in their pockets to idle away the hours ! Hard to date and could be considerably older than my estimate.
    NZ$ 56.00
  • Park Drive Cigarettes Playing Cards Advertising Pack
    A pack of cards for Gallaher Ltd of London & Belfast advertising PARK DRIVE CIGARETTES.Would be circa 1940's or possibly earlier.
    NZ$ 58.00
  • Beautiful Vintage Set Of German Playing Cards 'Fashion Through The Ages'
    A gorgeous old set of cards from 1954...either German or Austrian in origin. There is a Full Deck of 36 oversize cards. Lovely collectible for those interested in historical fashions.
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Happy Families Child's Playing Cards - Circa 1920 - 1930
    Smaller than the full size standard decks this very cool set has to be circa 1920 -1930.....wonderful graphics. The box is missing the top lid and part of one side so is a bit tatty....the cards show wear but in general are in good overall condition as pictured. No makers name anywhere but of British origin of course.
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Kargo -Vintage Card Game for Golfers
    A full set of 44 cards plus instructions made by Castell Brothers of 184 The Strand London.....circa 1950's In used but good condition. Lovely gift for 'Golf Fanatics"!
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Peter Pan & The Pirates Playing Cards
    Colourful Full Deck of 44 Cards plus Instructions. The packet is missing lid and it has splits around sides at opening plus old tape. The cards are in excellent condition. Made by Pepys, Great Britain circa 1950's-60's.
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Vintage Cigarette Advertising Cards 'PLAYERS'
    A very old set of advertising cards for PLAYERS Cigarettes Circa 1910-1920. This is a full deck of 52 cards but no Joker. The cards are in used condition but are generally pretty good for age though the box is a bit tatty.
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Winston Churchill Playing Cards -
    Great set of CHURCHILL commemorative Playing Cards (1955) Made by The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, London. There are 52 cards but no Joker or outer pack. in very nice condition.The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London, incorporated in 1628, and ranking at No.75 in the order of precedence. It is limited to 150 members, and its livery colours are red and white.
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Vintage Child's Playing Cards
    A wonderful old card set from Pepys of Great Britain. The cards are in very good order but the box is missing the top flap and a bit of each side at the top also. No instructions but standard happy family snap.
    NZ$ 61.00
  • Rare Vintage
    This is a complete set with original rules but no box.The cards are in good overall condition.I would think that the set date to the 1950's-60's. Noddy and Big Ears, Golly and band were made famous by ENID BLYTON but in today's PC World are now somewhat out of favour.
    NZ$ 63.00
  • American Airlines Postcard Jigsaw Circa 1960's
    This is 5 3/4" x 3 3/8" and is in MINT unopened condition. I think the plane is a Boeing 727-227A.
    NZ$ 64.00
  • LUFTHANSA Airlines Postcard Jigsaw Circa 1960's
    In MINT unopened condition this is a Lufthansa Boeing 707-320 I think.
    NZ$ 64.00
  • SABENA Airlines Postcard Jigsaw Circa 1960's
    This postcard jigsaw is in MINT unopened condition. The lane is a Boeing 707-320 I think.
    NZ$ 64.00
  • Vintage Jack and The Beanstalk Board Game 1976
    This is a "big un" with the box at 19" x 9 1/2". Some fading I'd say but general condition very good for age,
    NZ$ 64.00
  • Vintage Pepys Children's Playing Cards Game 'FAMO'
    An old children's game from the well known games company PEPYS. The box is a bit tatty but the cards are in very good condition and are a Full Set of 45 cards. 1940's-50's vintage set.
    NZ$ 65.00
  • 1950's
    These were all the rage when I was a kid...mind you no computers then and the flick's were only on Saturdays so we had to occupy ourselves somehow ! Pic says it has had some wear and tear but still pretty good...lovely Bakelite centre piece.Very Collectible. Measures 5 x 4 1/4 inches.
    NZ$ 66.00
  • The Round Game of SNAP - Chad Valley Circa 1920
    A full pack of 40 cards in original box by the famous CHAD VALLEY Company, England. Box is are good but some show wear and creases.....great graphics......circa 1920.
    NZ$ 67.00
  • Vintage Cigarette Advertising Playing Cards 'PLAYERS Please'
    A very old set of advertising Playing Cards for PLAYERS cigarettes. The Battleship pictured on the cards appears to be a World War One Dreadnought so the cards will date to around 1910-1920 I think. There is a full set of 52 cards plus Joker. The box is a bit tatty.
    NZ$ 67.00
  • Happy Families - Chad Valley Circa 1910-1920
    "An amusing Round Game" ......full pack of 10 sets of four cards...."Grotesque Cards....Beautifully Coloured"....that's what it says on the box is a bit scruffy....missing one end of lower box and the cards overall are in good condition as pictured.Looks to be around World War One period.
    NZ$ 68.00
  • Touring England MAP Game -Circa 1950
    Produced by Geographia, London, circa 1950's by look of the metal cars and the ships pictured on the map. Complete game....good overall condition...the Board is a bit loose at the fold....seal split each end....board size opened is 19 3/4" x 14 1/2".
    NZ$ 68.00
  • Vintage Railways Playing Cards
    A very nice old set of Advertising Panorama cards from SOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES RAILWAYS. The cards are close to is sturdy with a few scuff marks. Looking at the cards and dress in some of the pics I'd say these date to the 1920's or earlier.
    NZ$ 68.00
  • Vintage PEPYS Children's Playing Cards 'SPEED'
    A FULL SET of 44 Pepys Brand SPEED Playing Cards in excellent condition. The box is missing top lid.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • Vintage Pepys Series Children's Playing Cards 'FLIGHT'
    A nice full deck of 44 cards in box plus Instructions. Date to 1950's-60's. Very Good Condition.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • BELISHA - A Pepys Card Game For Children - Circa 1950
    A super game with fab card graphics Made in England under The PEPYS Brand by CASTELL BROTHERS Circa 1950. This set is complete with52 cards plus The JOKER, and with the Instruction Booklet as well. In great condition....lovely collectible pack.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • CORNER an Old Card Game Dating to late 1800's-Early 1900's
    I have had this game previously under the name of is more an adults game I think though obviously children can play it also. Full Pack of 56 cards in very good condition PLUS INSTRUCTIONS. There are 6 card types....WOOL, WINE SHEEP etc and 9 cards of each type plus the CORNER KING and the BROKER.This wonderful old set will date to either the Victorian or Edwardian era's...….no makers details on box .
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Vintage Union Castle Line Shipping Playing Cards
    A very nice set of 52 advertising playing cards for the UNION CASTLE LINE who operated the Royal Mail Steamers between England and South & East Africa. I'm not all certain on the age of this pack but think it could be 1920's-30s.
    NZ$ 71.00
  • Vintage ROYAL MAIL LINE Playing Cards Circa 1950's
    The Royal Mail Line was formed in 1932 and in 1965 was taken over by the FURNESS Line. By 1972 the line had ceased to exist as such. This set is a full pack of 52 cards plus two Jokers....all in excellent condition.
    NZ$ 72.00
  • Karageorgis Shipping Line Playing Cards
    A double Deck of cards in presentation box from the Greek Shipping Line of KARAGEORGIS. We estimate this item as being circa 1970- 1980.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Pepys Secret Agent Playing Cards Circa 1957
    A Full Deck (39 cards ) with Instructions and the Magic Monocle.The outer packet in good condition for age as are all cards. Made by the very well known games firm PEPYS in Great Britain. Very collectible set.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Vintage
    This is a full set of cards with original rules from the very well known English maker PEPYS....I would think that these date to the late 1940's or 1950's. The top part of the box lid is missing but otherwise the box is tidy and the cards are in good condition. The cards have various Club emblems or names on them as well as picturing the different playing positions.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Vintage Shipping Playing Cards 'Union Castle Line'
    A Double Deck of Advertising / Souvenir Playing cards in a plastic box with cardboard sleeve. The sleeve shows some scuff signs but cards are close to Mint.Two Full Decks plus Jokers & Instructions for Contract Bridge. 1960's vintage I think.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Victorian Children's
    These have to be late 1800's to early 1900's...a really old set of children's SNAP cards. There is no box but the set is a full one of 16 sets of 4 cards. In good condition for age. Wonderful old graphics giving a great insight as to our people dressed 100 or so years ago.
    NZ$ 76.00
  • Old CHAD Valley Tidley Winks Set
    A great very old TIDLEY WINKS Boxed Game from that most famous English games maker CHAD VALLEY. Measures 5" x 2 3/4' and 2 1/4' in height. Has to be early 1900's or thereabouts.
    NZ$ 77.00
  • Vintage Double Deck Playing Cards 'United States Line'
    This double deck features a UNITED STATES LINE Liner in day and night scenes. Looks to be be 1960's-70's vintage and there are two Full Decks of 52 cards each plus Joker. Overall condition is good.
    NZ$ 80.00
  • Vintage BLUE STAR Line Shipping Playing Cards
    A lovely Vintage Mint Set of advertising Playing Cards for BLUE STAR LINE....still in cellophane wrapping.
    NZ$ 82.00
  • Funny Families - Victorian Children's Playing Cards - SNAP
    An amazing old full pack of 6 sets x 4 cards for playing the game of SNAP........these appear to be VICTORIAN dating to the late 1800's. The box lid is missing one end but the cards whilst used are in very good overall condition as pictured.....great graphics! Rare hard to find set in this condition.
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Vintage NZ & Federal Steamship Co Playing Cards
    These Thomas De La Rue cards will date to the early 1900's...possibly produced to commemorate the forming of the new shipping co in 1912 when NZ Shipping Co took over the Federal Steamship Navigation Co. Full pack in reasonably good condition. The pack is a tad scruffy and is missing the lid.
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Vintage Shipping Playing Cards' NZ & Federal Steamship Co'
    A very old set of cards dating to early 1900's I think.This is a Full Set of 52 cards plus Joker and Instructions for Contract Bridge. Box a tad scruffy.
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Union Castle Line 'Edinburgh Castle 2' Souvenir Card Pack Holder
    Built in 1910 by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, she was the second Union-Castle ship to bear the name Edinburgh Castle. Of 13330 GRT, she was 570 foot long with a beam of 64ft. She could carry 790 passengers in 3 classes and her twin screws drove her at a service speed of 14 knots. World War 1 interrupted her mail service and she was taken up as an armed merchant cruiser in 1914, serving in the North as well as South Atlantic. When the war ended she was given a refit and re-entered the mail service until 1938 when she was withdrawn from service and laid up for possible disposal. She gained a reprieve when she was purchased by the Admiralty for use as an accommodation ship, based at Freetown. It is said that she floated on gin bottles and when war ended, her long service in this capacity with very little maintenance resulted in her being declared not cost effective to tow back to England. On 5 November 1945, she was towed some 60 miles from Freetown and sunk by gunfire and depth charges from HMS Fal and HMS Porchester Castle. Her name would then be carried by the 1948 built Edinburgh Castle, a steamer of 28705 GRT, which could carry 693 passengers in 2 classes. She made her final voyage in 1976. This old suede covered card deck holder displays a nice depiction of the 2nd EDINBURGH CASTLE and with this vessel having been sunk in 1945 the item has to be a minimum of 63 years of age...probably it is pre World War Two and therefore closer to 80 years old. The Holder has a CONTRACT BRIDGE RULES paper insert inside but no cards. Measures 4" x 3" when folded shut.
    NZ$ 87.00
  • Vintage Shipping Jigsaw of Cunard Liner
    This probably dates back to the 1930's or maybe 1940's...the cost was Sixpence at the time ! The jigsaw measures just 5 1/2" x 4" and is made of wood. The box is a bit tatty...has had the corners glued etc but overall for age still a very collectible piece. of shipping memorabilia. States.....Made in Great Britain by Valentine's.
    NZ$ 101.00
  • Cherchez La Femme 1940's
    Great old pack of54 cards...oversize ones measuring 6" x 4 3/8" of lovely 'decorous' nude La Femmes. Being from the 1940's these cards are much more 'circumspect' than those of the 1960's and 70's, and very, very much more so than those of today. Made by NOVELTIES MANUFACTURING & SALES, St. Louis, Missouri. Great collectors in very good a little worn.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • King George V & Queen Mary Silver Jubilee 1935 - De La Rue Playing Cards
    A fabulous boxed set now 83 years old. The box has had splits and had tape to corners but otherwise in nice overall condition. The cards have been opened but show no wear signs and packs are complete. Nice old collectors item.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • Rare Very Old New Zealand Playing Cards 'QUIT IT' Game
    I've not seen this game before at all...think they are probably Victorian to early 1900's era. There is no makers name or instructions ....the pack is a bit scruffy but the cards are in excellent condition. Note the caricature of Maori natives on the box and the Tiki's & Ferns on the cards themselves. A rare and very collectible game. Being a NEW ZEALAND game the number ever made would be very small indeed back 90-100 years ago.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • R.M.S.QUEEN MARY Cunard White Star Liner - Chad Valley Jigsaw
    In original box with a copy of the CUNARD JIGSAW PUZZLE Booklet. The box says Approx 150 Pieces...we count 166 pieces. There is a Patent Serial Number of 4202 / 34 so I'm thinking that 1934 is the date.Small loss of paper on top and split to box at one end.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Vintage TAROT Cards and RUNES Set With Books
    This compilation of Tarot and Runes pieces has been used by the same owner since the 1970' unusual offering now available for the first time. The Cards have have a copyright date of 1971. The runes are genuine old stone pieces.
    NZ$ 195.00

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