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  • OLD Amish / Mennonite Child's Quilt
    Old hand sewn Amish quilt....size is 44" x 41.5" (112 x105 cm)......due to the size I would think it was either a Child's Bed Quilt ,or used as a wall hanging. At present the Quilt is framed and has been wall hung for many years, however there is some staining and a small part where the stitching has come adrift so obviously it has been used at an earlier time.The patches are a bit irregular in size varying from around 1 1/4" square to 1 3/4"...there looks to be about 14-15 hand stitches per square side.The piece appears to be old....I would say it is pre-1950 and perhaps considerably earlier than the '50's.....would be interested in an 'expert' opinion. Will be posted unframed and folded.
    NZ$ 325.00

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