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  • Vintage English Horse Brass Strap
    A four Brass Martingale 18" in length including buckle straps. Nice collection of brasses including Brecon (Wales), Robin Hood, and Scotland. Probably dates to around the 1960's or 70's.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Continental Balloon Brass Advertising Dish
    An old Tyre Company advertising dish in very nice condition for age, which appears to be 1920's. Measures 4 3/4" in diameter. Continental Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie” was founded in Hanover on 8th October 1871 as a joint stock company. Buffers for horseshoes and solid tires for carriages were among the first products produced since the 1870s. Consequently, in 1882, the rampant horse was adopted as trademark of the company. In 1892 Continental was the first German company to manufacture pneumatic tires for bicycles. It was the beginning of the success story of the Continental tires’ brand. The first giant pneumatic tires were made by Continental in the year 1921 replacing the solid tires used on commercial vehicles until that time. Three years later Continental advanced the cord tire and marketed “Conti-Cord” – a low pressure balloon tire. This technique enhances the driving comfort and the life of the tire. By the end of the decade Continental was the leading company in commercial tires with 91 percent market share in Germany. So it’s not surprising that in the 1930s the Brand claim: „Tyres for every class of vehicle running on wheels“ was developed. In 1943 Continental filed the patent for tubeless tires and was the first company worldwide to do so. Today the corporation employs 130,000 people at 190 locations in 35 countries.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • JIMMIE ALLEN 'Richfield Hi Octane' Advertising Metal Badge
    The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen was first broadcast on February 23rd, 1933 (this first stint ran through to 1937) ....the last broadcast was in1947 and this second stint ran from 1946 to 1947). The writers of Jimmie Allen had been flying aces in World War 1. They came up with the idea of a show about a boy pilot whilst at a party in Kansas City and used there experience as pilots to create and write the show. The show was one of the first to capitalise on the idea of a club as a promotional tool. To join the Jimmie Allen Flying Club all a child had to do was apply at any Skelly gas station (the initial sponsor). As a member the child received a whole host of goodies ranging from a set of wings through to a “personal” letter from Jimmie himself. An incredible 600,000 club newspapers were sent out to children each week and many thousands attended the Jimmie Allen Air Races that were held in Midwest cities. One interesting fact about this show is that the original Jimmie Allen, John Frank, was over 40 years old when the series was first aired. This badge is in MINT CONDITION and measures 1 7/8" x 1 /2".
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Victorian Art Nouveau Tankard By Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.
    Lovely small ART NOUVEAU Tankard Circa 1880-1900....wear to silver plate in parts....heavy good quality piece with nice art nouveau decoration on band.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Victorian Collapsible Travel Cup
    This came with the other one we recently sold...both were given to me by a 95 year old Gentleman and originally were his Father's....they date to the late 1800's.The case is a compacted cardboard and the cup itself is Pewter. The case measures 2 3/4" in diameter and is 1 3/8" in height. The cup when 'pulled-out' stands 3 1/2" tall with a diameter at the lip of 2 1/2"
    NZ$ 55.00
  • TWA Airlines 'Indian' Brass Slipper 'Bombay to San Francisco'
    Neat little Promotional item from TRANS WORLD AIRLINES in form of a small Indian brass slipper...just 3 1/2" 1 1/2" in size. Trans World Airlines (TWA) was an American airline from 1925 until bought out by and merged with American Airlines in 2001. TWA was a major domestic airline in the United States and the main U.S.-based competitor of Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) on intercontinental routes from 1946 until deregulation in 1978. Flying to most major U.S. cities, TWA was one of the largest domestic airlines; before deregulation TWA, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Eastern Air Lines were known as the "Big Four". They also had a feeder operation from smaller cities in the Midwestern United States. Beyond the U.S., TWA had a large European and Middle Eastern network, served from their hub, the iconic TWA Flight Center, at John F. Kennedy International Airport. For a few years their routes circumnavigated the globe. TWA was a secondary unofficial flag carrier for the United States, especially after Pan Am was dissolved in the early 1990s.
    NZ$ 59.00
  • Vintage Tin
    I would think that this is early 1900's......lovely old tin...anodised on the inside and rust free....overall condition is really good. Measures 7" x 5 3/4" and 3 3/4' in height.
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Vintage Rowntrees Cocoa Natural Beverage Sample Tin
    A lovely little old tin dating to early 1900's I'd think. Has pictures of children from the four home unions depicted in national costumes. Measures just 2 1/2" x 1 3/4". Would have held a small sample of cocoa as per the advert on the reverse side of tin.
    NZ$ 62.00
  • Old 'Edward The Confessor' Door Knocker Circa 1910
    I think this is King Edward The Confessor .....any other ideas welcomed! He is small...just 3" x 1.5" to 2" made in solid brass. This is an Internal Door Knocker and in the early 1900's these were made and sold as souvenirs from the many British tourist spots.
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Old 'ROMEO' Brass Door Knocker Circa 1910
    Lovely wee Internal Door knocker nicely cast in solid brass with a depiction of ROMEO on it...measures 3" x 2". No registration number on it but these were usually date from around 1905-1945.
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Rare Small Vintage 'TOBLER CACAO' Cocoa Tin Circa 1920 - 1930
    This little old tin measures 4" in height and 2 1/8" each side. It is clean with no rust but does have wear and missing some paint on one side as per pictures. The tin top says CACAO TOBLER...Berne, Suisse. Each side has different slogans such as......A MUSCLE FORMER, ....PRODUCT DE MUSCLE. Some of the information is in Italian and I think German. Great little tin for those Cocoa Tin collectors.
    NZ$ 74.00
  • Old Brass Door Knocker - 'Milking Time in Jersey'
    A delightful small Internal Door Knocker Souvenir from the Island of Jersey. Very well cast piece with good definition ....solid brass ...dates we think to around 1910-1920....just 3 3/4" in length. Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France. A self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, with a mix of British and French cultures, it’s known for its beaches, cliffside walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles. The Jersey War Tunnels complex, in a former hospital excavated by slave labor, documents the island’s 5-year German occupation during WWII.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • St. Ives Cornish Pixie Door Knocker
    Very cute little Cornish Pisky (Pixie) Vintage Door Knocker for the small coastal village of St. Ives.....made in solid brass....measures 4 1/2" in length. These Internal Door knockers were made as Souvenir items from the early 1900's...this one is later....condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Vintage Dartmoor Pixie Door Knocker
    Cute Dartmoor Pixie Door Knocker made of solid brass with a Registration Date for 1954 imprinted to back. Cute little fellow....measures 4 1/4" in length.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Victorian Bellied Polished Pewter GILL Measure
    A really nice tiny Bellied or Bulbous GILL MEASURE standing just 1 5/8" high. This has the V.R. & Crown Certification mark on it... and double bands above mid point dating it to Circa 1850 -1890.
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Arts & Crafts Napkin Rings With Enamel Cabochons
    Genuine rare old ARTS & CRAFTS MOVEMENT Serviette, or Napkin Rings, CIRCA 1900. These are 2 3/8" wide .
    NZ$ 89.00
  • Old 'Fox Hunting
    A small sold brass Oval "Good Luck" Door Knocker depicting a rider on horse jumping a fence with a fox at top with riding crop in mouth. The piece is nicely fashioned and measures just 3 1/2" x 2 1/2". No Registration Number on this one but we date as 1910-1920 era. These small 'knockers' were used on internal doors as it was common in the old houses to not have locks on the doors. They were sold as popular souvenirs in the early 1900's.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Victorian Art Nouveau Brass Hinge
    This is rather gorgeous....not sure what it was used for but definitely a hinge of some type....either late Victorian or Edwardian. Measures 7" x 61/2".
    NZ$ 93.00
  • Vintage BLOOKER BRAND Dutch Cocoa Tin
    This is a MINT TIN apparently left in storage at the Blooker Factory in Holland....probably dates to pre 1950's but looks brand new. Measures 5" in height and 2 1/2' in width.
    NZ$ 96.00
  • Victorian James Yates Pewter Tankard 'WHARF HOTEL'
    An old HALF PINT Tankard by JAMES YATES with a flowery engraving on front for the WHARF HOTEL. The shape of the tankard is referred to as CYLINDRICAL with Moulded Girdles and an 'Attention Terminal' handle.Being a Pub Drinking Mug this one has seen a 'bit of life" in it's 150 year odd pictured...split one side on handle...but otherwise not too bad at all. Has a Crown with FD which I'm not certain on meaning of. Nice collectible for those into PUB TANKARDS. CIRCA 1840-1860
    NZ$ 100.00
  • Small Brass Door Knocker Of JOHN O' GROAT'S House Circa 1910
    No makers or serial marks on this one but these small DOOR KNOCKERS were made in England around 1900-1920 .....they were mainly used internally as many houses of that period did not have locks on the bathroom and bedroom doors. Also sold to the tourist trade as mementos.This one is 3" long with a width of 2"
    NZ$ 101.00
  • Small Brass Door Knocker Of The 'MAYFLOWER' Circa 1910
    No makers or serial marks on this one but these small DOOR KNOCKERS were made in England around 1900-1920 .....they were mainly used internally as many houses of that period did not have locks on the bathroom and bedroom doors. Also sold to the tourist trade as mementos.This one is 4 3/4" long with a max width of 1 1/2".
    NZ$ 101.00
  • Victorian Collapsible Small Pocket Travelers Cup
    Very cute little cup that extends to 2 1/4" cup with a diameter of 2" across the lip. Folds into the lid compartment so is just 3 /4" deep and 2" wide when collapsed.Made in metal with lovely floral pattern lid. Stamped on lid.....Made in USA, with a patent date for Feb.23. 1897.
    NZ$ 101.00
  • DICK TURPIN Brass Door Knocker Circa 1909
    A very nice little Door Knocker depicting the infamous Highwayman DICK TURPIN. There are some makers marks on the back which I can't decipher. Will date to around 1909-1912 era. Measures 3 1/2" x 1 3/4".
    NZ$ 102.00
  • Vintage 'JOHN PEEL' Brass Door Knocker Circa 1910
    Another nice old Edwardian Period Souvenir Door Knocker. This features the famous JOHN PEEL Blowing his horn.....this measures approximately 5 3/4" x 3 1/4"...made of brass and in good condition.
    NZ$ 102.00
  • This wonderful old TRUSTY SERVANT "HIRCOCERVUS" Door Knocker has a Registration date on the back for 1913 and was made by PEERAGE.Most of these old internal door knockers date to the late Victorian and Edwardian periods AND WERE OFTEN SOLD AS SOUVENIRS by the various Cathedrals, towns, and historical land marks.This is nice little knocker with excellent casting and definition measures 3 1/2" in length and is of solid brass. The hircocervus was a legendary creature imagined to be half-goat, half-stag. Plato utilised the idea of a fabulous goat-stag to express the philosophical concept of something that is knowable even though it does not really exist. The word hircocervus first appears in the English language in a medieval manuscript dating from 1398 (now at the Bodleian Library). A hircocervus is depicted in a wall-painting called The Trusty Servant, painted by John Hoskins in 1579 which hangs outside the kitchen of St Mary's College Winchester in Hampshire. The far-famed figure of the Trusty Servant; a man with the ears of an ass on a pig's head, the snout of which is padlocked, while the feet are those of a stag. The right hand is held out and open, the left is loaded with a shovel, pitchfork, broom and gridiron. On his left hip hangs a sword and over his right shoulder peeps a shield. An inscription in Latin elegiacs with an English translation in heroic couplets, probably of the year 1778, gives its meaning: "A trusty servant's picture would you see, This figure well survey, who'ever you be. The porker's snout not nice in diet shows; The padlock shut, no secret he'll disclose; Patient, to angry lords the ass gives ear; Swiftness on errand, the stag's feet declare; Laden his left hand, apt to labour saith; The coat his neatness; the open hand his faith; Girt with his sword, his shield upon his arm, Himself and master he'll protect from harm."
    NZ$ 105.00
  • Door Knocker
    A beautifully made old brass DOOR KNOCKER in the form of a Fiddler or violin player. This is a Souvenir Piece from the city of YORK in Northern England and would date to around 1908-1915.This would have been used probably as an inside Knocker on a bedroom or bathroom door as the Victorian and Edwardian period homes often had no locks on the internal doors.
    NZ$ 105.00
  • Kneeling Imp With Hand in Mouth - Circa 1910-1920
    An unusual IMP Souvenir Internal Door Knocker . No markings on this and I have no idea which part of Great Britain it hails from. Made in solid brass 3 1/2' long.....weird Turban type hat on head....and hand in mouth like maybe he/she has done something wrong!
    NZ$ 105.00
  • Lady Godiva Door Knocker Circa 1910-1915
    An old solid brass internal door 'door knocker' probably sold in Coventry as a souvenir....the back plate measures 4 1/2" in length.... these Souvenir pieces were very popular tourist pieces in the early 1900's. Lady Godiva was an 11th century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman. She is famous for riding naked on a horse through the streets of Coventry, although that may be just a legend.
    NZ$ 105.00
  • 'Great Salopia
    Lovely little Door Knocker with a Registration Number for 1915. Measures 5 1/4" in length.These small knockers were made for internal doors originally as the old homes never had locking doors. In the early 1900's most were sold as souvenirs for tourist sites. SALOP was an old name for Shropshire.Shropshire is a unitary authority (since 2009). It is also sometimes called Salop. The administrative center is Shrewsbury Shrewsbury, administrative center of Shropshire, W England, on the Severn River. Shrewsbury is a road and rail junction with varied manufactures. It was an ancient Saxon and Norman stronghold. .
    NZ$ 110.00
  • Antique English Internal Door Knocker - CHAUCER -1909
    Very nice old Edwardian Period INTERNAL DOOR KNOCKER from the time when internal doors did not have locks on the doors. These days many folk are using them on their front doors as neat decorative pieces. This 'knocker' is of solid brass and has a great depiction of the famed Poet CHAUCER mounted on a is 6" in length and a width of 2 1/2" at the widest point. There is a Registration Number imprinted to the back which dates the piece to 1909. Geoffrey Chaucer...... 1343 – 25 October 1400),is known as the Father of English literature and is widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages ...he was the first poet to be buried in Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey. While he achieved fame during his lifetime as an author, philosopher, and astronomer, composing a scientific treatise on the astrolabe for his ten-year-old son Lewis, Chaucer also maintained an active career in the civil service as a bureaucrat, courtier and diplomat. Among his many works are The Book of the Duchess, The House of Fame, The Legend of Good Women and Troilus and Criseyde. He is best known today for The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer was a crucial figure in developing the legitimacy of the vernacular, Middle English, at a time when the dominant literary languages in England were French and Latin.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • Isle of Man Vintage Brass Door Knocker
    The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. It’s known for its rugged coastline, medieval castles and rural landscape, rising to a mountainous center. In the capital, Douglas, the Manx Museum traces the island’s Celtic and Viking heritage. The Latin motto Quocunque Jeceris Stabit can be translated as "whithersoever you throw it, it will stand", or "whichever way you throw, it will stand". The motto dates to the seventeenth century, when it is first recorded on Manx coinage dating to the year 1668. This great Vintage Door Knocker is 5 1/4" in length and in lovely condition.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • Large Bronze Medallion -Exposition Universelle -1905 Leige
    Large 2 3/4" diameter Belgium Medallion by Dubois (1 /8" thick). Condition excellent bar one nick to edge.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • Rare Georgian Period Bronze Door Push Plate
    A genuine old Georgian or early Victorian bronze push plate or finger plate suitable for an Entrance Door. Purchased recently in the town of Bath in England this Push Plate measures 11" x 3" and is in good condition for its near 200 years of age
    NZ$ 110.00
  • Early Victorian Polished Pewter Half Pint
    A really nice little Polished Pewter HALF PINT with double scroll handle which dates it to around 1840-1850 we believe. The front is monogrammed F C so this was a personal Tankard that was probably kept at the owners Local Pub hanging behind the Bar along with other 'locals' tankards. Had a couple of small 'bangs' to the base but for a Pewter tankard of around 170 years old it is in nice overall condition.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Edwardian Small Door Knocker 'Fox in the Pulpit'
    A very cute and unusual small door knocker depicting a Fox Preaching from the Pulpit of Christchurch Priory in England. These small knockers were sold as souvenirs in the early 1900's in Cathedrals, Churches, and Tourist spots /towns etc. This one has a Registration Date on it for is just 3 1/2" in length. This is one we have never seen before.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Liege Exposition Universelle Large Bronze Medallion 1905
    A large 2 3/4" diameter (7cm) made in Bronze and signed PD for the Sculptor Paul Dubois. In lovely condition, … just one 'nick' to the rim at one side. Paul Du Bois (1859–1938) was a Belgian sculptor and medalist, born in Aywaille. Du Bois was a student of Eugène Simonis and Charles van der Stappen. He studied from 1877 to 1883 at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels and earned the distinguished Prix Godecharle in 1884. Du Bois contributed to the renewal of artistic expression in Belgium at the end of the 20th century, and was one of the founders of the art group Les XX. His own eclectic work consists of small sculptures, medals, jewellery, fine art sculpture, public monuments, and tombs. Among his most famous monumental works, located in Brussels, are the monument to Frederic de Merode, and the tribute to Edith Cavell and fellow nurse Marie Depage (of the RMS Lusitania), the Four Elements group in the Botanical Garden of Brussels, and several sculptures in the city of Saint-Gilles. He was also responsible for the design of the Victory Medal of World War I, of which 350,000 copies were issued.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Old English Souvenir Door Knocker for Charles Dickens - Early 1900's
    A very detailed old brass souvenir Door Knocker depicting Dickens, his birthplace, and his characters and is 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" and dates to the early 1900's.Charles John Huffam Dickens was an English writer and social critic. He created some of the world's best-known fictional characters and is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era....he was born at Landport, Portsmouth, in 1812.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Victorian Half Pint Scottish Tankard - Brass Over Copper
    Interesting little Pub Tankard which I think is copper with a brass overlay. The V.R. Measurement Certification has the number 35 which signifies this was used in GLASGOW, Scotland. TULIP shape with tuck-in base and hollow 'Attention Terminal' handle. Good condition with small split on rim. Circa 1840-1850.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Victorian Polished Pewter Half Pint
    A super little Polished Pewter Half pint in the Cylindrical Shape with a thick Moulded Girdle at mid point and repeated band decorations at base.It has HALF PINT marking with IMPERIAL under plus 2 X V.R. or Victoria Regina measure verification imprints and one other with a rose and V.W.R under. The 10 under this signifies verification for of the other number verification marks looks like a 5 ...which is for Manchester may have 'traveled! A very solid and nice small tankard in good Makers Marks that I can spot.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe 'Dickens' Door Knocker - Circa 1912
    Wonderful "DETAIL" in this great old solid brass 'Dickens" Ole Curiosity Shoppe Souvenir Door Knocker. Measuring 3 1/2" x 3" the knocker has a British Registration number imprinted on the back which as best as we can decipher is for the year 1912. Fabulous small 'internal door knocker" from the days when most older homes in Great Britain did not have internal door locks so little 'knockers' were used. A MUST for a keen DICKENS Fan.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Oxford IMP Antique Brass Internal Door Knocker
    This OXFORD IMP door knocker measures 4 3/4" in length and is of solid brass. These little" knockers" were used on internal doors such as bedrooms and bathrooms as the old English houses usually did not have door locks. In the early 1900's such pieces were also produced as souvenirs from the various towns, cathedrals, tourist spots etc. They usually date from around 1910-1920. I cant find any history on the Oxford Imp so dont know where he was supposed to have 'hung out' !
    NZ$ 120.00
  • Asethetic Movement Nickel Silver Serving Spoons - Dated 1880 England
    A charming pair of AESTHETIC MOVEMENT Serving Spoons made in nickel silver measuring 9 1/2" in length with fabulous intricate detail.The aesthetic movement flourished in Britain in the 1870s and 1880s and was important equally in fine and applied arts. In painting it is exemplified by J.M. Whistler, Albert Moore and certain works by Frederic, Lord Leighton. Japanese art and culture was an important influence, especially on Whistler and aesthetic design. In applied arts it can be seen as part of the revolution in design initiated by William Morris, with the foundation of Morris & Co in 1862. From 1875 the ideals of aestheticism were commercialised by the Liberty store in London, which later also popularised art nouveau. Critic Walter Hamilton was the first writer to identify the movement, publishing The Aesthetic Movement in England in 1882. As well as writing about key figures associated with the movement, he also provides descriptions of contemporary responses to it.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Georgian U shaped Quart Pewter Tankard
    A large U SHAPED Pewter Tankard with Double Scroll Handle, banding at both top and bottom, and Tuck-In Base, dating to around 1810. No makers name that I can find....small bits of de-lamination and other wear marks here and there which is common in pewter of this age and is easily remedied. This large old tankard stands 6 5/8" high with a diameter of 4'" across the mouth.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Old Durham Cathedral Brass Door Knocker Circa 1900
    A really interesting old solid brass Door Knocker depicting a scene outside of Durham Cathedral "Dun Cow Durham Cathedral". The piece is 3 5/8" tall and 2 3/4" wide and has a Registration Number imprinted on the back.....hard to decipher but looks to be for 1900.A very nicely struck piece with excellent definition.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Samuel Withers & Co Brass SAFE Name Plate
    A circa 1900 etched brass name plate for the old Victorian Safe Making Company off SAMUEL WITHERS. The Name Plate is mounted on a frame as per pics. Measures 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" without frame.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Victorian Brass Door Knocker
    An old brass Door Knocker that has obviously been sanded down to get rid of the years of grime. There are no makers marks that I can see but there is a serial number. Measures 7 1/4" in length and is 2" in width.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Victorian Brass on Tin Coffee Strainer
    This is a very nice little piece...could possibly be Georgian ...not sure? Appears to be brass on tin and measures 3" in height and has a diameter of 2 1/2". Either a coffee or tea strainer...a rather elegant little piece found in the South of England recently.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Victorian Glass Bottom Cylinder Shaped Tankard Circa 1830 -1860
    A Cylinder shape tankard with waist and base banding and Double Scroll Handle. The maker is stamped clearly as WATTS & HARTON who worked together from around 1835 to 1863.This style of tankard was made from around 1810 to 1860. The glass has a crack in it but I've tested it and it is still watertight...or beer tight. Nice solid tankard.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Victorian JAMES YATES Polished Pewter Cylindrical Half Pint Tankard
    A Cylindrical Polished Pewter HALF PINT from the famous VICTORIAN maker JAMES YATES. This Tankard has Moulded Girdles and a handle with what is called an 'Attention Terminal'. On the inside base Queen Victoria's Crown is imprinted with a X signifying FINE QUALITY. Circa 1840-1860 and is in nice condition with usual wear marks of a very old tankard... as pictured.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Old LINCOLN IMP Brass Door Knocker Circa 1910-1920
    A SUPER example of a Lincoln Cathedral Imp Door Knocker souvenir made in solid brass with great patina and measuring 4 3/4" in length. No Registration date on this one but it is definitely a nice old piece circa around 1910-1920. The Lincoln Imp is a "Grotesque" on a wall inside Lincoln Cathedral, England, and it has become the symbol of the city of Lincoln. A legend tells of it being a creature sent to the cathedral by Satan, only to be turned into stone by an angel.
    NZ$ 130.00
  • Old Brass 'Christopher Columbus' Door Knocker
    This is an oldie from around 1900 I'd think. Whether it is actually CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS I don't really know.....looks like him but? Size is 6" x 2 3/4"
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Swedish
    In great overall condition...... dates to around mid to late 1930's.....measures 19 inches in length....well known PRIMUS Brand from Sweden. These long cylinder models are now hard to find.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Victorian Pewter Glass Bottom Tankard
    A very heavy old glass bottomed Victorian Pewter Tankard with Half Pint markings, measuring 4" in height. I'm told the glass bottoms were introduced because the Press Gangs paid offsiders to drop a shilling into unwary drinkers tankards....with the glass bottom you could of course spot this so could not have your beer tipped out and be found guilty of "having taken the Queens Shilling" and suddenly find yourself aboard ship without a "how you do". Nice condition.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Victorian SAFE Name Plate & Key Escutcheon for G.O.Talbot & Co - Apollo Works - Birmingham
    A really attractive old brass NAME PLAQUE & Key Escutcheon for a G.O. TALBOT & Co PATENT FIRE PROOF SAFE ex The Apollo Works in BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND. The plaque states the company was established in 1848. Measures 5.25" x 4"
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Victorian Shaving Mug By Ashberry & Sons
    A super old Victorian SHAVING MUG in Britannia Metal by the renowned Sheffield maker ASHBERRRY & SONS Circa 1880-1890. Lovely body shape...height is 3 3/4 inches. Note this one is pre 1900 as no Ltd. added to the name. Active at 21 Bowling Green St, Sheffield (1856-1935). Philip Ashberry began trading in 1829 making Britannia metal wares. The firm became "& Sons" in 1856 and "Ltd" in 1900. The names SAVOY and STAYBRIGHT were used in early 20th century cutlery. The firm was maintained under the control of Ashberry family until 1935 when Lewis Rose & Co Ltd purchased the site and demolished the old factory. After World War II, Lewis Rose & Co Ltd moved to Bowling Green St using Ashberry name in its production. In 1969 Ashberry was bought by Spear & Jackson group. In 1976 the group was purchased by Guy Degrenne and the firm became Ashberry & Degrenne Ltd at Prospect Rd, Sheffield. Britannia metal is a specific type of pewter alloy, favoured for its silvery appearance and smooth surface. The composition by weight is typically about 92% tin, 6% antimony, and 2% copper.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • A Pair Of English Brass Taps Circa 1880-1910
    Another nice old set of taps....probably late Victorian or a little later. Please just ask if you would like any dimensions.
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Victorian Brass Door Knocker
    A nice refined Georgian style brass Door makers mark but there is a serial number imprinted to back. Measures 6 3/4" in length and 3 1/4" in width. Probably made in the late 1800's in the Georgian style I 'd say but certainly a genuine old piece. A previous owner has coated the knocker in lacquer for protection but we can remove this and polish-up the brass for the new owner.
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Victorian SAFE Name Plate for JOHN PORT of Manchester
    A brass Safe Name Plate with Gilt Finish ...JOHN PORT....Manufacturers....Mill Street....Manchester....measures 4.25" x 4.25". The plate has the British Coat of Arms meaning the company had been granted a Royal Warrant. The company were SAFE MANUFACTURERS in Victorian England and this plate probably dates to around 1880 - 1890.
    NZ$ 145.00
  • WILLIAM 1V 'TULIP' Half Pint Pewter Tankard Circa 1835
    A tulip shaped pewter half pint tankard which dates to around 1830 - 1840. The tankard has touch marks for WATTS & HARTON. It is a little misshapen around the rim..easy enough to fix.... and there is a solder repair on the belly of the tulip...clearly shown in one of the pictures. Joshua James Watts and Samuel Harton were in partnership from the early 1830's to 1863 when the partnership was dissolved. Nice harder to find old tulip tankard.
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Victorian Art Nouveau Metal Letter Slot
    This is a rather gorgeous, highly detailed and ornate, Victorian Period Letter slot. In lovely condition this measures 6 5/8" x 2 3/4" This has the name of the well known Victorian manufacturer on the back as.... A. KENRICK & SONS, with a serial number.
    NZ$ 148.00
  • Antique Reed & Barton USA Plated Christening Mug
    The mug is engraved with the initials JTS and I assume that it was a present for an babies christening. The handle has a face engraved on it and the other engraving on the handle looks typical Victorian period art nouveau. The engraving of the flowers around the lip area is different again and perhaps illustrates the American influence. The base of the mug is marked ...MF'D & Plated.... REED & BARTON.....1867.
    NZ$ 149.00
  • A Set of Georgian SUGAR SNIPS or Cutters Circa 1820
    This pair of GEORGIAN Sugar Snips are 8 " in length and are made from solid Steel, Circa 1810 - 1830. They have a rather 'square' set of jaws....somewhat different to the rounder jaws on most Cutters . They are missing the sprung steel piece between the handles and also the clasp at base.....No makers marks.
    NZ$ 150.00
  • MERCURY Roman God Door Knocker - Circa 1890
    A large SOLID BRASS door knocker depicting the head of the Roman God MERCURY with a Ram beneath. The Knocker is 10 inches in length. It is inscribed "Kenrick & sons" underneath. Likely dating is 1880 -1890. No door boss with this but we will supply a small brass knob for this. Mercury is a major god in Roman religion and mythology, being one of the 12 Dii Consentes within the ancient Roman pantheon. He is the god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages, communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he also serves as the guide of souls to the underworld. He was considered the son of Maia, who was a daughter of the Titan Atlas, and Jupiter in Roman mythology.[citation needed] His name is possibly related to the Latin word merx ("merchandise"; cf. merchant, commerce, etc.), mercari (to trade), and merces (wages). In his earliest forms, he appears to have been related to the Etruscan deity Turms; both gods share characteristics with the Greek god Hermes. He is often depicted holding the caduceus in his left hand. Similar to his Greek equivalent Hermes, he was awarded the caduceus by Apollo who handed him a magic wand, which later turned into the caduceus.
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Victorian Art Nouveau Drapes Tie -Back Fittings
    Stunning old English Art Nouveau Tie-Backs fittings for drapes and fittings. These are all solid brass and would date to 1890-1910 period when Nouveau was at its peak.....note the gorgeous Cherubs with Horns.The brass bands are about 19" in length (curved) and are 1" in width.
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Victorian Pewter Half Pint Tankard
    Very heavy solid pewter Tankard marked with the VR crest and marked HALF PINT. There are Initials inscribed to the front and also a name underneath base. The Tankard has a false bottom...originally made as a PINT tankard but converted to a Half Pint at some later stage I'd say. Probable dating mid Victorian era. Height4 1/2".
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Large Brass Art Nouveau Victorian Door Pull
    Lovely Big Solid old English Door Pull measuring 15 1/4" in length....has a stamped British Registration dating it as 1899. Nice condition... just needs a bit of a clean up and polish. Nice piece of Art Nouveau!
    NZ$ 159.00
  • Victorian Ornate Brass Letter Slot with Knocker
    I would say Victorian or Edwardian period...there is some imprinted lettering on the back but I simply cannot decipher it. Measures 9 1/4" in length. Looks to have a new spring and locking bolt.
    NZ$ 163.00
  • A Pair of Rustic Early 1900's Door Pulls
    A solid Rustic pair of Bronze or Brass Door Pulls....solid well made "non-fussy" pieces 8 3/4" in length and 2 1/2" in width. No makers marks. Either late Victorian or Edwardian era but have a 'medieval" look to them
    NZ$ 165.00
  • Alsatian Wolf Dog Brass Door Knocker
    Pretty Cool vintage Alsatian Wolf Dog Door Knocker. Made of solid brass measuring 5" x 4" for Dog Lovers for sure.
    NZ$ 165.00
  • Bronze Plaquette of WAGNER Mounted on Agate
    Lovely signed Bronze plaquette depicting the head and shoulders of Richard Wagner. The Bronze is signed as F. Stiasniy and measures 2 3/4" x 2 3/8" and is mounted on a beautiful piece of Blue/green agate measuring 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3/4". Franz Stiasny (1881–1941) was a Polish medallist and sculptor, whom Forrer (BDM) notes was working in Vienna prior to the First World War. Very fine quality! Stiasniy produced a large series of bronze portrait medals of important writers, composers, musicians and historical personages in rectangular formats. The piece dates to around 1910. Wilhelm Richard Wagner 22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883) was a German composer, theatre director, polemicist, and conductor who is primarily known for his operas.
    NZ$ 165.00
  • French Bronze Plaquette' 18th Concours Nationale De Tir XI e Fete'
    A French National Rifle Shooting commemorative plaque dated for GRENOBLE 1911 and signed A.DAVIN 1911. The plaque measures 2 753/8" x 1 1/2" ( 60 x 40 mm), and is of Bronze with Silver Plate finish.
    NZ$ 165.00
  • Large Old Solid Brass
    A very solid big Door Knocker measuring 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" with a depiction of Queen Elizabeth 1st. This has Reg. Great Britain on the reverse. I'd say this one dates to around 1920's-30's.
    NZ$ 170.00
  • A Pair of Large Chromed Door Pulls
    In excellent condition these measure 12 inches in length and 2 1/4" in width. They are Chrome over brass....good solid door pulls.......probably date to 1940's-50's we think.
    NZ$ 175.00
  • Art Nouveau Pewter Card Dish Circa 1890
    This is a rather unusual and fairly large piece at 9 /2" in length. The piece has no makers markings that I can find. Condition is good bar one small split in the pewter at the end of the leaf. The definition on the cast is also pretty good and the subject matter is interesting what with the Angel playing her lute and the frogs sitting on the leaf either side of her. Could be European I feel and definitely a period piece Circa 1880 - 1900.
    NZ$ 175.00
  • James Dixon Pewter Tankard 'Winchester College' Presentation Trophy 1873
    A beautiful piece of the famous JAMES DIXON (Sheffield) Pewter in the form on a TANKARD engraved as a Sports Presentation Trophy. the Tankard is engraved as...WINCHESTER COLLEGE Hurdle Race For All Under 5'. 4". T.A.C HAMPSON 1873. A wonderful historical piece from Winchester college and highly collectible as a piece of James Dixon Pewter on its own accord. Has a nice engraving also of the Winchester College Crest also. Winchester is the oldest college in all England. The Tankard is 4 3/4" in height...a Half Pint I think.
    NZ$ 179.00
  • Victorian Set of Brass Door Handles With Back Plates and Lock
    This matched set Two of Handles and Back Plates dates to the late 1800's. It has the original lock but there is no key for it...however it is not locked so can be used as the mechanism will open and shut. Probably not too expensive to have a key made should you want to be able to lock it. The Back Plates measure 7 1/2" x 2 1/2". All in original unpolished condition. We do have another set as well available.
    NZ$ 185.00
  • A Set Of Georgian SUGAR Snips Circa 1810-1820
    A classical pair of old English SUGAR CUTTERS or Snips....this pair are 10" in length and are Cast Steel in excellent condition...the sprung steel piece is there as is the clasp at base though this bit looks to be a markings that I can find.
    NZ$ 190.00
  • Art Nouveau 'Cherub' Door Knocker Circa 1890
    Gorgeous Big Victorian cast steel Door Knocker with fabulous Cherub and entwined flowers, trumpets and bows.... in glorious Art Nouveau abandonment! The Knocker is 9" in length and in lovely condition.....has a coat of black paint but could be 'taken back' to clean steel and given a coat of lacquer or painted a different colour.I think there is a Makers Name under the paint on the underneath but cannot read due to paint cover....quite likely to be made by Kenrick & Sons England.
    NZ$ 190.00
  • British RAJ Era Beautifully Decorative Brass Vases
    A Stunning Pair of Tall Ethnic Indian Decorated Brass Vases dating to the British Raj Period around early 1900's. They measure 16 inches in height with a max width of 5 1/2 inches. These Quality pieces have Excellent raised decoration including Elephants, Lions, Tigers, and Deer plus Indian Native Villagers.
    NZ$ 190.00
  • A Splendid Victorian Bronze Door Knocker
    A really striking looking old Victorian Classical Door Knocker.....the style is quite unusual....something we've not seen before. The piece measures 8 3/4" in length and has a maximum width of 4 1/2". The material appears to be bronze rather than brass....there are no Makers Marks on the piece but we date this to around 1880-1890. The door 'Boss' is not original but matches the piece and patina very well.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • BIG Kenrick & Sons Victorian 'EAGLE' Door Knocker
    This has had several coats of different coloured paint over its life of 100 years plus....we have stripped it back to bare metal so is like "near new" again. This is a lovely big solid cast iron Knocker from the famous old Birmingham metal-ware's maker of KENRICK & SONS.....Circa 1880-1900. Length is 8 1/2" and the width is 3-31/2" tapering at base to 2". There is space on the center plate to inscribe a name.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • BURTON Rowing Club England 1872 Trophy Tankard - Opening Scratch Races
    A fabulous old heavy Pewter Trophy Tankard standing 6 3/4" in height with a a striking ruby red glass bottom. Beautifully engraved with the Club Crest and details of the race and the winners. Burton Leander Rowing Club, originally titled The Leander Boat Club, was formed in 1847 and is proud to be known as one of the oldest established rowing clubs in the United Kingdom. The club was officially renamed 'Burton Leander Rowing Club' after joining the Amateur Rowing Association in 1899 (also known as the ARA - founded 1882).Based in Burton Upon Trent.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • VICTORY-V Gums & Lozenges Tin - Circa Early 1900's
    FABULOUS old V ICTORY-V TIN....standing 11 1/4" tall, 6" in width and 4" in depth....tapers to 5" at top .The Victory V has a long history. The tin probably dates to circa 1900-1920..........condition is good with great graphics....some surface rust around base and inside.The lozenges were, indirectly, inspired by Admiral Nelson's famous ship, having been named at a pub called the Nelson Inn which was in the Lancashire town of Nelson. It was there in 1864 that a confectioner named Thomas Fryer created his palliative for the common cold by combining pulverised sugar, linseed, liquorice, chlorodyne (a soothing mix of cannabis and chloroform) and pure acacia gum. It met with acclaim. In 1880 the Victory Works were opened and by the 1920s the Victory V had gone global. Now made by Ernest Jackson & Co Ltd of Devon.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • A 19th Century Pair of Magnificent Indian Benares Brass Vases
    These are Top Quality heavy Brass pieces with stunning bright-cut engraving and coloured decoration in the Benares tradition. The vases date to the late 1800's when they were purchased in India and had remained within the original Family up until now..... height is 12 inches and they taper up from 1 1/2" to 3" diameter at the lip.
    NZ$ 220.00
  • A Pair Of Classical Styled Victorian Brass Andirons
    A very stylish set of brass Andirons or Fire Dogs....rather Classical.....they have a small Fleur de Lis decoration at the bottom centre of the feet....wonder if they are in fact of French origin? Each one is 12" in height with a width of 5 1/2" and weighs 1.3 kilos. Solid brass bases with stems and nobs probably hollow. All in very nice condition.
    NZ$ 220.00
  • A Superb Pair of Victorian Solid Brass LION Andirons
    These fantastic Fire Dogs are solid brass and each one features a Lion Head in a Central Cartouche. At 8 1/4" in height with a width of 5 1/4" they are not particularly large but being solid brass they are very heavy....each one weighs about 2.2 kilos. We estimate that this pair dates to around 1880 - 1900. Stunning old Fire Dogs offered at a very realistic price.
    NZ$ 220.00
  • Victorian Art Nouveau Cast Iron Andirons - Circa 1890 - 1900
    A Pair of classical Art Nouveau Andirons, or Fire Dogs fashioned in Cast Iron. Very simple non fussy but very STYLISH classical Art Nouveau. Each one 10 1/4" in height with a width of 7" and weighs 1 .5 kilos
    NZ$ 220.00
  • Art Nouveau Andirons Circa 1890 - 1910
    A lovely set of highly ART NOUVEAU solid brass Fire Dogs....of English origin.....either Victorian or Edwardian. They are each 24 cm tall or 9 1/2".
    NZ$ 225.00
  • Large 18th Century PEWTER PLATE With Heraldic Crest in Repousse
    A heavy 11" diameter pewter plate with a HERALDIC CREST done in repousse....the letters LGLP are imprinted on the rim. On the back UNDER RIM there are larger letters imprinted....F.F.V.H 3 Makers Touch Marks depicting Angels...there are words there also but have not yet researched the maker....I believe it is a German piece...either 18th or 19th century. With these Heraldic Plates the plate is often older with the fancy decoration being applied a 100 or so years later so it is likely the plate could be from 1700's and the decoration from the 1800's. A very nice solid and decorative piece of PEWTER PLATE.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • Stunning old Samovar
    A fabulous antique SAMOVAR circa late 1800's. A highly decorative piece it stands 15" in height with a width from handle to handle of 10.5". No makers name or other identification but likely to be of Russian or Far Eastern origin. Some signs of weld repairs around base area but in general in excellent condition for age. Made with a tinned copper finish and brass decoration.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • Victorian Arts & Crafts Magazine Rack By William Tonks & Son
    A superb late 19th century Arts & Crafts Magazine Rack in Brass and Oak by the highly regarded Metal wares firm of William Tonks & Son, Birmingham, England. Very simply in style but also most appealing visually this Magazine rack is 13" in length and 7 3/4" in width...the high point center brass divider being 13" in height. In lovely condition... just one original 'nut' missing from the underneath. The William Tonks 'SUN' Trade Mark is imprinted in the wood on the underside. WT&S, W. Tonks & Sons, Cheapside, Birmingham, then 201, Moseley Street, Birmingham making cast and wrought brass products.Manufacturer of architectural hardware, art metal wares, campaign metal ware, ecclesiastical metalwork and an early fabricator of decorative patterned tubes. The Tonks family surname is the lists of Birmingham brass founders before the 1800's. William Tonks founded this firm around 1789- 1794. They won gold medals at the 1851 and 1862 Exhibitions in London and in 1855 at Paris The larger factory in Moseley Street was opened in the early 1860's and most items now found will date from after this time. By 1869 they had developed the eight-pointed 'sun' trade mark showing two eyes and a mouth. Later the 'WT&S' initials were sometimes inserted instead for the marks on some items but other items had a smaller, empty sun on items designed in the 1900's.Their 1890 catalogue was of 664 pages detailing a vast array of builders hardware and domestic items. Later production included the more appealing domestic designs. The name was changed to Tonks (Birmingham) Ltd., then by merger to Newman Tonks in 1970, then NT Metals. They are now in the Ingersoll-Rand Group (from 1995).
    NZ$ 230.00
  • Georgian Solid Brass Door Knocker - Circa 1800 - 1810
    A stunning original GEORGIAN ERA Door Knocker fashioned in solid brass. The knocker measures 9" in length and is very typical of those still seen on old Georgian Buildings in Great Britain and Ireland. This one was found in England late 2017. Very nice condition for age......we have not cleaned this item...original as found.
    NZ$ 245.00
  • Gorgeous Victorian 1874 TAZZA in Brass & Copper
    A beautifully crafted TAZZA fashioned in brass with copper repousse decoration to bowl, stem, and base. This stunning old Tazza has the old Victorian dating Lozenge imprinted to base dating it to the year 1874...there is also a Makers Name. The Tazza is 6" in height with a diameter across the bowl lip of 7 1/4". Some very minor imperfections only.....condition really is stunning as pics demonstrate. Sourced in England late 2017.
    NZ$ 245.00
  • A Pair of Victorian Rococo
    A very decorative pair of Late Victorian "Chippendale Revival" Rococo Solid Brass Andirons or Fire Dogs. Each one is 16 inches in height with the oval cartouches being 5 1/4 inches in width. Very nice condition.
    NZ$ 265.00
  • An imposing hand crafted Figure of a Barbarian Warrior fashioned in metal. The piece stands 24 inches to top of the battle axe. A super piece for anyone interested in the Vikings or battle re-enactments. Has an old sticker to base with a name and address in England.
    NZ$ 275.00
  • Fabulous BENIN Bronze Figural Fork
    I've been collecting and marketing Benin objects for over 15 years and this is one of the most interesting and nicest pieces of BENIN BRONZE I have seen. Definitely an older piece....everything about it 'feels right'......beautifully crafted and lovely aged patina. Probably a Fertility piece. The Fork measures 13 1/2' in length with a maximum width of 4". Solid Bronze.
    NZ$ 275.00
  • Tall Art Nouveau Jug - Gebruder Bing - Germany-Circa 1890
    A stunning old piece of brass craftsmanship from the German firm of GEBRUDER BING. This tall slender Vase-Jug stands 13.5" high with a base diameter of 5 1/8". There are old dings and a couple of small oxidation marks but it is still a beautiful old piece as the pictures show. Ignaz and Adolf Bing founded Gebrüder Bing in Nürnberg, Germany, in 1865 as a tin and kitchenware manufacturer. Around 1890 the company began making enameled toys. In 1907 Gebrüder Bing made their first bears, joining the teddy bear revolution at its height. To distinguish their bears they used a metal arrow in the bear's ear, with the initials G.B.N. set in a diamond. From 1905 to 1909 Gebrüder Bing was the "Greatest Toy Producer in the World," employing over 6,000 skilled workers. After Ignaz Bing died in 1918, his son Stephan took the reigns of the company. The next year Gebrüder Bing Nürnberg was renamed Bing-Werke. The company was very successful in the toy industry, but in 1927 the family started to separate themselves from the business. With the company in arrears by 1932, all of Bing's tools and machinery went up for auction.
    NZ$ 275.00
  • Victorian 'BAT' Cast Iron Door Knocker By Kenrick & Sons England
    A GENUINE Kenrick & Sons Large Cast Iron Door Knocker featuring a BAT with wings spread to the top. This is not a second strike or a is clearly stamped to the back with the Makers name and the Model Number dates to the 1880's.The piece is 9 3/4" in length with a max width of 4 1/2". We sourced this in England a couple of weeks ago. Bats symbolize death and rebirth. Sometimes, they are known as the "Guardian of the Night." It is largely misunderstood and so therefore many of its symbolic meanings are inappropriately fear-based. The bat is a symbol of rebirth and death because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the Mother (Earth). From the womb-like caves it emerges every evening at dusk. And so - from the womb it is reborn every evening. This item is 'as found' .has not been cleaned nor tampered with in any way. In both ancient Chinese and Persian mythologies bats symbolized longevity and happiness, however in post Christian Europe the bats habit of flying at night lead to it becoming associated with the devil. Many paintings from western Europe in the middle ages depict the devil with bats wings. Later bats received in worse publicity when they became associated with Count Dracula and vampires. These deeply emotive images have probably contributed to the sinister image that bats still possess in many people's minds, even though we now know they are beneficial members of the environment. In Europe a bat entering a house was a forewarning of a death in the house, whereas in China it was a sign of good fortune. Strangely perhaps, given its poor press in Europe, carrying the dried and powdered heart of a bat in your front pocket was supposed to protect you from bleeding to death, and later to stop bullets. Other strange beliefs in Europe include the idea that carrying a bats eye around with you will allow you to turn invisible, that nailing a dead bat to your door will protect you from demons, that putting a drop of bats blood under a woman's pillow will help her be fruitful and that burning incense over the site of a bat buried at a crossroads would help you acquire a powerful love potion.
    NZ$ 275.00
  • German Pewter Beer Stein or Lidded Jug Marked 1836
    This fabulous old Beer Stein or Lidded Pitcher is in remarkable condition considering it is over 180 years of age. The piece is 11 1/2" or 29 cm tall to the Nob top with a base diameter of 4 3/4". Engraved at front centre is a heart with the name G.L. KOTZEL and the date 1836. the Heart is surrounded by a garland of leaves & flowers. Obviously the Stein was a present to Mr Kotzel by his sweetheart. There is no makers name on the item but there are three small "daisy" like impressions to the upper part of the handle. Apart from a few small indentations the Jug is in great condition as previously mentioned.
    NZ$ 290.00

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