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  • Vintage Junior Red Cross Badge New Zealand
    Here's a nice old one for Red Cross collectors. Condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Religious Brass Plaque - JOHN Chapter 3. Verse 16.
    A very nice pressed brass Christian wall plaque in nice condition ...measures 11.5 x 8.5 inches in size. Dates to around 1920's.
    NZ$ 50.00
  • Vintage
    This is in marvelous condition with no scratches or marks and measures 1 1/4" in diameter. The picture features William Booth the Founder of the SALVATION ARMY resplendent in his regalia. On the back is a cardboard insert that reads.... Salvation Army Uniform & Outfitters Department London. We believe this Pin Back would date to around 1910-1920 period but may be earlier.
    NZ$ 61.00
  • Angiolo FABRONI Old Large Copper Medallion Circa 1850
    This large MEDALLION is 1 3/4" in diameter and is 1 /8" thick. It is a very well struck medal and has a raised bust of FABRIONI on one side and a commemoration to him on the reverse. Has a hole punched at top. This Medallion was made by a well known engraver L.GORI , probably around 1850-1870 Angelo Fabroni (September 25, 1732 – September 22, 1803) was an Italian biographer and historian. He was born at Marradi in Tuscany to Alessandro and Iancinta Fabroni, of a banking family formerly of great fortune. After studying with tutors and at Faenza, in 1750 he entered the Collegio Bandinelli in Rome, founded for the education of young Tuscans. His father having died that year, Piero Francesco Foggini took an interest in the young man's education. Fabroni became a priest. On the conclusion of his studies he continued his stay in Rome, and having been introduced to the celebrated Jansenist historian, Giovanni Gaetano Bottari, the librarian of the Corsini, he translated some meditative works of Pasquier Quesnel and received from Bottari a canonry at Santa Teresa in Trastevere. With Bottari's aid he presented a polished Latin life of Pope Clement XII Corsini, for which Cardinal Corsini defrayed the printing costs and made a handsome present to its author. Some time after this Fabroni was chosen to preach a Latin discourse in the pontifical chapel before Benedict XIV, with whom he made such a favorable impression that the pontiff settled on him an annuity, in the possession of which Fabbroni was able to devote his whole time to study. Fabroni was asked to deliver the funeral oration in 1766 for James Stuart, the "Old Pretender" to the throne of Great Britain. He was intimate with Leopold Peter, Grand Duke of Tuscany, who appointed him prior of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence (1767); two years later, Fabroni took leave to pursue promises of preferment at Rome, made by Pope Clement XIV Ganganelli, in which he was disappointed. He was at work on the biographical dictionary of Italian men of letters for which he is remembered; the first volume was published in 1766, and was met with criticism, for the Jesuits disliked him on account of his Jansenist views. Besides his other literary labors he began at Pisa in 1771 a literary journal, Giornale de' letterati, which he continued till 1796, by which time 102 fascicles had appeared, many from his own pen. About 1772, funded by the Grand Duke, he made a journey to Paris, where he formed the acquaintance of Condorcet, Diderot, d'Alembert, Rousseau and most of the other Encyclopédistes— whom he found to be leaders of impiety— and other eminent Frenchmen of the day. He also spent four months in London, of which he also disapproved, where Benjamin Franklin fruitlessly urged him to go to America. He returned to Tuscany in 1773. Later he corresponded with Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor. He died in retirement among the Carthusians at Pisa. His principal works were: Vitae Italorum doctrina excellentium qui saeculis XVII. et XVIII. floruerunt (20 vols., Pisa, 1778-1799, 1804-1805);[2] Laurentii Medicei Magnifici Vita (2 vols., Pisa, 1784), which served as a basis for William Roscoe's Life of Lorenzo de' Medici; Leonis X pontificis maximi Vita (Pisa, 1797); and Elogi di Dante Alighieri, di Angelo Poliziano, di Lodovico Ariosto, e di Torquato Tasso (Parma, 1800).
    NZ$ 79.00
  • POLY Harriers Bronze Art Nouveau Small Plaque Dated 1921
    This super little Bronze Plaque is just 2" x 1 1/2" and depicts an Angel in Chariot with Cherub alongside...ant the name H.J. RILEY.....on the obverse is the inscription for 7th Place ...POLY HARRIERS NORTH OF THAMES....C.C. TEAM 1921. The ART NOUVEAU PLAQUE probably dates to the 1890-1910 period I'd think. The Polytechnic Harriers was founded by philanthropist Quintin Hogg in 1883. He was a firm believer in the health-giving and character-building qualities of sport. The Polytechnic Harriers were formed in 1883, they were known for four years as the Hanover United AC, and were the athletics arm of Quintin Hogg's Regent Street Polytechnic. The active promotion of sport, combined with the generous provision of facilities at the Polytechnic Clubs, made sport accessible to large numbers at a time when many sports (such as football) were becoming organized for the first time and local, national and international competitions were beginning to develop. The Polytechnic Harriers were the most remembered and celebrated out of the many sports clubs that arose from the Regent’s Street Polytechnic. The Polytechnic Harriers were based at the Chiswick track, but their name confirmed that they were connected to this important educational and sporting institution.Harriers was a male only club. In 1985 The Polytechnic Harriers merged with The Royal Borough of Kingston AC, a women's club that evolved from Surrey AC, and it is now known as Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers (Kingston & Poly).
    NZ$ 79.00
  • Two Victorian Religious Petit Point Book Marks
    An assortment of two Religious Petit Point on Card Book Marks dating to the late 1800's. These are Antique items.
    NZ$ 80.00
  • Georgian 1822 Pocket Holy Bible
    A small 5" X 3" Pocket sized Bible printed in Edinburgh in 1822. Contains both the old and new testaments. In very good condition for its age of near two hundred years. King George IV was on the throne of England at this time.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Three Religious Petit Point Victorian Book Marks
    An assortment of three Religious Petit Point on Card Book Marks dating to the late 1800's. These are Antique items.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Three Victorian Religious Petit Point Book Marks
    An assortment of three Religious Petit Point on Card Book Marks dating to the late 1800's. These are Antique items.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Antique Salvation Army Band Hat
    Super old Salvation Army Band Cap with Gilt musical harp badge. Inscribed on the inner leather band is "The Salvation Army Auxiliary Co. Ltd". We think this cap dates to late 1800's to early 1900's. Good condition for age and a neat collectible piece.
    NZ$ 120.00
  • Three Victorian Religious Petit Point Book Marks
    An assortment of three Religious Petit Point on Card Book Marks dating to the late 1800's. These are Antique items.
    NZ$ 120.00
  • Very Sweet Old ANGEL Holy Water Font
    A rather gorgeous little ANGEL Holy Water Font. Made in Bisque Porcelain and all hand painted the Font measures just 6 1/4 inches in length. Has a stress manufacture fault on back but otherwise perfect. We date this as Victorian to early 1900's.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Vintage HINDU Large GANESHA, The Elephant God, Dish or Plaque
    This beaten bronze or brass dish is 19 3/4" in diameter and weighs 1.9kilos or in excess of 4lbs.I am uncertain if the dish is brass or bronze...all the filigree work has a brass type finish but the figures have a beautiful burnished finish. The principal figure is of GANESH, the Hindu Elephant God who is the most revered of all Hindu Gods. Ganesh is the God of domestic harmony & success and is the Son of PARVATI, wife of Shiva The Destroyer. There are two other figures appears to have a broom, and the other a flaming torch. At the base there are two large rat like animals. This quite an old item but of course is rather difficult to date...looking at the blackened back I would think it is a minimum of 50 years old but could well be 100 plus years ! At some time in the past two hanging brackets with a wire have been welded on the back so the dish can be hung a a wall plaque.
    NZ$ 189.00
  • A Hand Carved Wooden Buddhist Monk Painted and Gilded - Circa 1880
    A fabulous old BUDDHIST MONK hand carved from wood with thick red/brown paint cover and gilt over. There are a number of chips and small pieces of wood pieces off the figure as would be expected with a figurine of this age.The wooden plinth is definitely a newer replacement.The overall height of this piece is 8".Origin unknown but likely to be Japanese we think.Definitely a genuine old item dating to late 1800's.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • DAYAK Figurine - Borneo - Indonesia - Circa 1900- 1920
    Lovely old hand carved Dayak NGAJU Ancestral Tribal Figure standing 10" in height.....believed to date to the early part of the 20th century. The Dayak or Dyak /ˈdaɪ.ək/ are the native people of Borneo. The name DAYAK is a loose term for over 200 riverine and hill-dwelling ethnic subgroups, located principally in the interior of Borneo, each with its own dialect, customs, laws, territory and culture, although common distinguishing traits are readily identifiable. Dayak languages are categorised as part of the Austronesian languages in Asia. The Dayak were animist in belief. Many however, converted to Christianity, and some to Islam more recently. Estimates for the Dayak population range from 2 to 4 million. The NGAJU are a large tribal group in Central Borneo.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Three 19th Century Filipino Santos Figures
    A collection of three 19th century hand carved Santo figures originating in the Philippines . The figures are quite rustic and range in height from 6 1/4 inches to 6 1/2 inches. A great opportunity to "collect" at an economical price.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • Antique Jerusalem Trinket Box Souvenir - Judaism Circa 1900
    An incredible Antique Trinket Box from JERUSALEM dating to the late 1800's or Early 1900's. The Box is Octagonal in shape measuring 5 3/4 inches in diameter with a height of 3 1/4 inches with remnants of the original silk lining still in place. The Case is made of Olive Wood and has the Cross of ZION carved on the lid with Jerusalem printed above this plus on lid edge. The eight sides are all beautifully hand carved by an obvious Master Carver with different depictions of Jerusalem Scenes. A stunning old piece in wonderful condition for age.
    NZ$ 255.00
  • Child Jesus Ceramic Statuette - France Circa 1900
    Lovely Statuette depicting Jesus as a young child asleep on a rocky outcrop.The piece appears to be hollow and has a stamped Lozenge to back depicting a woman....possibly with a adviser tells me it is French late 1800's to early 1900's. The Statuette is 11 1/2 inches in height, 9 3/4 inches long and 5 1/2 in width.
    NZ$ 335.00
  • Very Old Large hand Carved Wooden BUDDHA -Thailand Circa 19th Century
    This impressive BUDDHA Figure stands 16 1/2" in height and is 6 1/2" in width with a depth of 4". The extensive wear to the base suggests the Buddha may come from a burial tomb. There is some wear to the Gilt paint but the fact that it is not severe makes us believe the piece has not been exposed to the outside elements. Whilst Buddhists are mainly cremated many are also buried and it is common for the 'authorities' to exhume graves after many years and remove the remains to 'free-up' the land for further burials. We have dated this Buddha as 19th century but it could of course be considerably older.
    NZ$ 375.00

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