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  • 1938 Oxford Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hallmarked for Birmingham 1938 with Makers Mark of BBSLd. Enamel fill to Town Crest....teaspoon length is 4" and condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 40.00
  • 1909 Windsor Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hall Marked for Birmingham 1909 with Makers Mark BPDC. The teaspoon length is 4.5" and condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • 1928 Exeter Sterling Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Souvenir Teaspoon for EXETER, Devon, Hallmarked for Birmingham 1928, Maker A.J.B. City Crest is filled enamel over the silver.Teaspoon length is 4.5". Excellent condition.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • 1936 Falmouth Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hall Marked as Birmingham 1936 with Makers Mark R.B. The City Crest is enamel filled over silver...teaspoon length 4 1/4" and condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • 1936 Stratford On Avon Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hall Marked for Birmingham 1936 with Makers Mark of B.B.S. Ltd. ....full enamel filled Town Crest. Teaspoon length is 4.5" and condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • 1937 Salisbury Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    A sterling silver with Enamel fill to City Crest and Hall Marked for Birmingham 1937 with Makers Mark of A.J.B. Teaspoon length is 4.5". condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • 1937 Wolverhampton Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Sterling Silver hall Marked for Birmingham 1937 with enamel fill to City Crest. Makers Mark is T.F. for Thomas Fattorini Ltd.Teaspoon length is 4.5". Excellent condition.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • 1907 Salisbury Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hall Marked for Birmingham 1907 with Makers Mark of V & S and some enamel overlay to City Crest ...the teaspoon is 4 1/4" in length and in excellent condition.
    NZ$ 48.00
  • 1910 St. Austell Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Nice old Edwardian piece Hall Marked as Birmingham 1910 with Makers Mark of V & S. Enamel fill to Town Crest with gilt finish to bowl. Teaspoon is 4.5" length and condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 48.00
  • 1936 Keswick Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hall Marked for Birmingham 1936 with Makers Mark of W.J.H. The Town Crest is enamel fill over silver and length is 4 3/4"...condition is excellent.
    NZ$ 48.00
  • 1936 London City Sterling Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Elaborate Souvenir teaspoon in Sterling Silver with enamel fill to the City Crest. The piece is Hall Marked for Birmingham 1936....Maker is T.S. ....Turner & Simpson. Teaspoon length is 5". Lovely condition.
    NZ$ 48.00
  • Vintage 1916 Sterling Silver Teaspoon with Coat of Arms
    Not sure of the origins of this...has ....KOL OTUA MO TOGA on it ?? Hallmarked as Sheffield 1916
    NZ$ 52.00
  • 1905 Edinburgh Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    Hall Marked for Birmingham 1905 with Makers Mark for V & S. The City Crest is Enamel filled and the bowl is in Gilt with Edinburgh engraved in it. Teaspoon length is 4.5" and condition is excellent
    NZ$ 55.00
  • 1907 DERBY Silver Souvenir Teaspoon
    A special old spoon Hall Marked for Birmingham 1907 with Makers Mark V & S. The bowl is in Gilt with Derby engraved inside and the City Crest is enamel filled over silver. Teaspoon is 4.5" in length and is in excellent condition.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Vintage 1933 England & Wales Nursing Council Badge in Sterling Silver
    This enamel on Sterling Silver Nurses Badge is 1" in diameter....there is a some enamel loss as per pictures. The badge is engraved on the back.....H. CRANFIELD.... S.R.N 67986.... 10.3.33.... REG. No. 700947. There are Hallmarks for Birmingham at base. The First World War provided the final impetus to the establishment of nursing regulation, partly because of the specific contribution made by nurses to the war effort and also as a reflection of the increased contribution of women more generally in society. The College of Nursing [later the RCN] was established in 1916 and three years later MP Major Barnett introduced a private members bill to establish a regulatory system. The bill was finally passed in December 1919 and separate Nurses Registration Acts were passed for England/Wales, Scotland and Ireland [still one country at that time]. These acts established the General Nursing Council for England and Wales and the other bodies which survived intact until the legislative changes in 1979 which were to create the UKCC and the National Boards.
    NZ$ 66.00
  • Tiny Silver Pot with Guilloche Enamel Lid - Birmingham 1902
    Hallmarked for Birmingham 1902 this lovely little piece was probably made as a ring container or pill holder. The lid has some damage to the guilloche enamel cover.....pot is just 1.5" wide and 1" in height.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • ENGLISH Sterling Silver Pierced Bon Bon Dish - 1929
    A delightful small Pierced Silver Bon-Bon Tazza Dish standing 3" in height with a diameter of 4" at the lip. In nice condition with just a couple of small indents in the bowl. The base is weighted. Made by George Matthews, Silversmith of Birmingham, England with Hall Marks for 1929. Exception value...check our price against similar items.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Sterling Silver Salt Pot - Birmingham 1906
    A very stylish little Salt Pot Hallmarked for Birmingham 1906. The Liner is missing and has had minor dents but still a nice piece of silver.
    NZ$ 90.00
  • Sterling Silver Small Bud Vase - 1910
    A lovely very petite BUD VASE in Sterling Silver with weighted base, measuring just 4" in height. The maker was John & Henry & Charles LIAS of Birmingham, England. A sweet little piece!
    NZ$ 105.00
  • A 19th Century Ornate Wine Bottle Coaster
    Very nice old Coaster for Wine Bottles. This is a bit larger and deeper than most with quality Silver Plate finish, wonderful ornate decorations added at rim, and cedar or similar wood inserts at bottom. I believe it to likely be Georgian Era early 1800's, or early Victorian. The diameter is 7 1/2 inches with a height of 2 inches or 1 1/2 inside measurement.
    NZ$ 110.00
  • A Delightful Pair of Stylish Italian
    A gorgeous pair of Salts or Condiment Holders each measuring 5 inches in length. They are marked .800 for 800 grade Silver and almost certainly are Italian in origin.The inners are cobalt blue glass. Rather 'funky' yet elegant pieces in the Chic Italian Style. Condition is Mint. We think around 70's to 80's age wise.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • SUPERB Victorian Silver Plate Chalice or Goblet
    A highly ornate Church Communion Chalice Cup, or Drinking Goblet. This piece has beautifully engraved decoration with a fluted lip and a beaded base with ringed stem. The height is 7 inches and it measures 3 1/2 inches in diameter at lip area. In superb condition for age.....estimate Late 1800's.
    NZ$ 120.00
  • 1925 Sterling Silver Salt Pot
    Hallmarked for Birmingham 1925 this is a very sweet little Salt in lovely small dent to base only...still has original cobalt blue liner. Measures 1 7/8" diameter and 2" in height.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • A Boxed Set of Victorian Sterling Silver Coffee Teaspoons
    A Delightful set of six silver Coffee Teaspoons in original presentation case. Each spoon is 4 inches in length and is Hallmarked for the Silversmith HENRY MATTHEWS of Birmingham, England, with a date mark for the year 1893.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Stunning Edwardian Sterling Silver Bon Bon Dish - 1909
    A beautifully made little octagonal piece with bright cut decoration to the Laurel & Bow handle and edging...superb! Measures 5" x 4" has Very, very Minor pin prick indents in bowl....overall condition is A1. Super buying at our price....make a Wonderful Present.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • 19th Century Stilton Cheese Scoop
    A 19th Century Stilton Cheese Scoop It is 9" in length with a Horn handle and Sterling Collar. The Stem and scoop are silver plated. I would say it is either of American or European origin as is marked as STERLING but not Hallmarked as such. Lovely condition
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Birks Sterling Silver Pierced Bon Bon Dish
    A lovely Pierced Sterling Silver Oval Footed Bon Bon Dish circa 1890 - 1900. This well made piece by Birks, the pre-eminent Canadian Silversmiths (Est.1879 Montreal) measures 5 1/2" x 4" with a height of 2". Silver weight is 66 .34 grams.
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Edwardian Sterling Silver Pin Cushion Hallmarked London 1912
    This is a large old Edwardian Period Pin Cushion with hinged lid and storage area. This lovely piece measures 5" in diameter and 2 1/4" in height. It does have some dents and wear marks but still a great old sewing, or sterling silver collectible. Possibly original tapestry covering.
    NZ$ 145.00
  • Art Deco Ladies Manicure Set in Sterling Silver
    A lovely genuine Art Deco manicure set on stand. The scissors are a replacement and don't have Sterling Silver handles. The stand is Sterling silver as are the machine decorated handles of the other pieces. The maker is Silversmith Crisford & Norris of Birmingham and the Hallmarks are for 1936. Height is 5 1/2 inches and length is 4 1/4 inches. A striking Deco piece!
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Charming Little Edwardian Trinket Box with Silver Lid -1906
    A very sweet little DRESSING table Trinket or jewel case with lovely repousse sterling silver cover to lid top.....this is Hallmarked for Birmingham 1906 it has a picture of an Edwardian Beauty who was no-doubt the original owner of this splendid case. The item measures 3 1/2" x 3 1/4" and has a height of 1 1/4". A smallish piece of the silver skin is missing on one corner.
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Early Large Sterling souvenir Teaspoon 'OMAHA' - Circa 1880 - 1900
    This fabulous large teaspoon (Length 6")is obviously an early Souvenir for Omaha, Nebraska. It is superbly fashioned with depictions on the front stem of an American Native Indian (Logan Fontonelle), a Bucking Broncho, and in the spoon part is the Omaha Courthouse. On the reverse is The State Seal, The Auditorium, a Bull and a Pig, and The Union Pacific Bridge with Steam Train approaching. The teaspoon is marked as STERLING, weighs 28grams, and as pictured is in wonderful condition. Looking at the age of the buildings etc I would think this piece dates to the late 1800's or very early 1900's.
    NZ$ 155.00
  • English Art Nouveau 1904 Sterling Silver Pill Box with Fabulous Repouse Decoration
    A Gorgeous little Edwardian Era PILL BOX fashioned with beautiful Art Nouveau repousse work by Silversmiths Deakin & Francis of Birmingham, England. This firm was founded in 1786 and still trades today 7 generations of the family later! Hallmarked for 1904 the piece has a diameter 1 5/8" and a height of one inch. The interior has a Gilt Wash finish as was common with High End Silver pieces. Check our Exceptional Price Offer for this Quality Antique Item
    NZ$ 155.00
  • Antique Swiss Tobogganing Silver Trophy Cup 1914
    A delightful Little drinking cup beautifully made in .800 grade Silver presented to Miss V. Mayo-Robson for her win in the Toboggan Race at Kandersteg in 1914. The cup is just 3 inches in height with a diameter of 2 1/4 inches at lip. Kandersteg is a high altitude resort in the Bernese Overland Region of Switzerland.
    NZ$ 165.00
  • 1913 Sterling Silver Bud Vase - England
    Very nice STERLING SILVER Bud Vase with Art Nouveau styling Hall Marked for Henry Williamson, Birmingham 1913. Measures 7 1/2" in height with across the handles of 3 3/4". One small indentation on body.
    NZ$ 175.00
  • A Pair of Georgian Sterling Silver Sugar Nips
    A really lovely pair of Sugar Snips in solid sterling silver. There are 'worn' marks to inner part of handle loops but unable to decipher these......based on the style we date these as Circa 1760-1780. Quite a solid well made pair weighing 41.3grams. Condition is very good for age ....a couple of small fractures on handle loops but they do not carry right through the silver. Monogram to center cartouche. Excellent buying on these at this price.
    NZ$ 175.00
  • Georgian Sterling Silver Creamer - London 1807
    Crafted by John Munn, Silversmith of London, in 1807 this lovely very elegant piece is 3 1/2" in height with a diameter of 3". The Silver weight is 3.427 ounces. In beautiful condition bar some very small damage to the rim ribbing on one side by handle...refer picture. Most Georgian Creamers of this quality are listed at around $300....this an absolute BARGAIN at $ QUICK!
    NZ$ 175.00
  • APOSTLE Teaspoons Hall Marked For 1897 - Boxed Set
    Lovely set of six in original presentation Box, The teaspoons are Hall Marked for Birmingham 1897 and were made by Silversmith Thomas Hazelwood. The spoons are all in very nice condition with nice clear Hall Marks. The case has had some damage to hinged area and has been repaired. Each spoon is 4" in length with a weight of 6 grams.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • American Colonial 18th Century Sugar Nips - B. PITMAN Rhode Island
    An immaculate PURE COIN SILVER Bird Claw Sugar Nips stamped Benjamin PITMAN dating to mid to late 1700's. The Nips are 6 1/4" in length and weigh 47.3 grams.... condition is superb. Silversmith Benjamin Pitman (c1732-1804) worked out of Providence, Rhode Island.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Antique Edwardian Silverplate PICKLE EATING Cased Set - Circa 1902-1910
    A Superb PICKLE EATERS CASED SET from WINGFIELD ROWBOTHAM of Sheffield England. In like MINT Condition and beautifully presented in a beautiful large Display Case measuring 12 x 8 inches. The Set has a very long Pickle Fork with 6 individual forks plus two Bread Butter Knives and Two Relish or Sauce Spoons.We date this set as Edwardian Era 1902 - 1910. This Set looks to have never been used. A Superb Top Quality Item. The firm was established in 1751 (according to an undocumented source) and by 1816 was listed as Hoult, Rowbottam, Wingfield & Wade in Tenter Street, Sheffield. In 1818, John Hoult (who was Master Cutler in 1813) withdrew and henceforth the firm was run by John Rowbottam, John Wingfield, and Richard Wade. The firm specialised in table cutlery.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Sugar & Creamer -1906
    A delightful little Pair of Edwardian Era Arts & Crafts silverware, Hallmarked as Chester 1906 & 1908 with the makers mark J. & R. GRIFFIN who worked in both Chester & Birmingham. The sugar measures 5 1/2" handle to handle and the Creamer is 3 1/2" handle to spout tip. The total silver weight is 111.68grams or 3.94 ounces. Both pieces have a monogram initial on one side and both are in excellent condition with no faults. A very nice finely made Arts & Crafts set.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Elegant Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter - England 1919
    A lovely elegant 'powdered sugar' sifter Hall Marked for London 1919. This beautiful piece stands 6 1/2" tall with a few very minor little indents only.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • George II Sterling Silver Serving Spoon - 1756
    Lovely Fiddle-back Rare George II Solid Silver Serving Spoon. Hallmarked London 1756 the spoon is 8 3/4" In length with silver weight of 75.9 grams. The Makers Mark is rather hard to decipher but we believe it is W.B. for Walter Brindle. Monogrammed and in excellent condition with good silver weight. VERY Well Priced !
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Georgian Sterling Silver Bright Cut Sugar Tongs - London Late 1700's
    Superb 'Bright Cut' Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs. There is a Makers Mark but no Town or Date Marks. The LION PASSANT Silver Mark stamped on this piece was used from 1598 to 1820 so we know they are Georgian Period....either George II or Early George III. The Silversmith mark is for GEORGE SMITH The 3rd who was active in the late 1700's. They are 5 1/4" in length with a weight of 29.19 grams
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Large Georgian Sheffield Plate Ornate Wine Coaster
    A lovely large Georgian Era ornate Wine Bottle Holder standing 4.5 inches tall with a lip diameter of 7 inches. Finished in quality Sheffield plate it is in lovely condition. An ornate coaster embellished with Lion Head cartouches and rope decoration plus piercings to body and a heavy floral decoration to the rim. Just a glimpse of copper showing through on the raised surfaces of the Lion heads. No makers marks .....we date this lovely piece as circa 1820 to 1830.
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Superb Edwardian Sterling Silver Condiment Set
    This set is a mix of Victorian and Edwardian silver.76 The round tray has London hallmarks for 1896 whilst the Salt, Pepper & Mustard are Hallmarked for Sanders & Hall of Birmingham 1907. Very attractive piece.....diameter of the tray is 4 1/2 inches. The tray has a reinforced wood base. Overall weight is 324 grams
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs Patent 1892
    A beautiful set of Victorian Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs by the famous Tiffany Jewellers. The Tongs are small being 4 .5 " in length and weigh 22 grams...they are marked TIFFANY & Co Patent 1892. Real Value here!
    NZ$ 195.00
  • Edwardian Walker & Hall Set of Beautiful Silver Teaspoons & Sugar Nips
    A really lovely Boxed Set of Sterling Silver Teaspoons with Sugar Nips. The Set is Hall Marked for SHEFFIELD 1903 and come from the very well known Silversmiths, Walker & Hall. These EDWARDIAN ERA Teaspoons are fashioned in the highly attractive CLAM SHELL Style and they appear in Mint Unused condition. The Presentation case measures 8" x 5 1/2".
    NZ$ 215.00
  • A Splendid Edwardian Era Sterling Silver Candle Stick
    A very elegant Candle Holder in Sterling Silver with weighted base . This lovely piece is seven inches in height with a base diameter of four inches. The item was crafted by Silversmiths C. HARRIS & Sons of London with Hallmarks for the year 1904. Some minor faults, bruising etc.
    NZ$ 220.00
  • Natal Rifle Association
    Sweet old Rifle Shooting Trophy Bowl made in Sterling Silver with Hall marks for Birmingham 1910. The Trophy has the engraved Roundel of The Natal Rifle Association and engraved to bowl is 'For Making The Century' 1911 WON BY. The Won By ..'who'.....has not been engraved but this came with the Transvaal Trophy Bowl won by Bisley so we assume this was also won by The BISLEY Team. The bowl is 4 3/4" in diameter and 3" in height....there are some dents here and there but it is still a great Rifle Shooting collectible.Silver weight is 25 grams.
    NZ$ 220.00
  • Splendid Wee Georgian Sterling Silver Christening Mug - 1799
    A superb wee Christening Tankard Hall Marked for London 1799 by Silversmith Stephen Adams. This baby Tankard weighs in at 62.8 grams of Silver and stands just 21/2 inches in height with a diameter at base of 2 1/8 inches tapering to 1 7/8 inches at lip. With its Double lots of Banding work it is a pretty little thing. The original owners name engraved to front is Robert Bryan. There is the odd small imperfection here and there but really the condition for a 220 year old" Baby Piece" is quite outstanding as our pictures demonstrate.
    NZ$ 220.00
  • A Set of Ornate Boxed 'Bright Cut' Sterling Silver Teaspoons - 1901
    A Lovely old set of ornately embossed 'BRIGHT CUT' teaspoons in original presentation box. The teaspoons are Hallmarked for Sheffield 1901 and were made by W.G. & S (William Gallimore & Sons), Silversmiths of Sheffield, England. Teaspoon length is 4 1/2"....all in like Mint condition.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • A set of George III Sterling Silver Sugar Nips
    A plain but very elegant set of Sugar Nips Hallmarked 1795 by Silversmith Joseph Craddock of London. In beautiful condition the tongs are 5 1/2" in length and weigh 56.4 grams of Silver.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • Early Victorian Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter - 1842
    Lovely very solid Sterling Silver "Sifter" Hallmarked as Birmingham 1842 by Silversmith Joseph Willmore. Measures 5 1/4 inches in length. Monogramme to handle in flowing script....W E . SWEET Antique item.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • Georgian
    A lovely Georgian Wine Funnel in fabulous condition. A quality piece finished in Sheffield Silver Plate Circa 1810-1830. Measures 5 1/2" in overall length.
    NZ$ 225.00
  • A Fabulous Set of Three Sterling Silver George V Brushes
    A superb set of three wooden frame silver covered brushes. The quality is outstanding with really good thick silver covering....each large brush has an overall weight of 251 grams and apart from minor faults the condition is First Class with little wear use to bristles. The silver has a fabulous "Sun Ray" engraved pattern and each piece has monogrammed initials as pictured. The Hallmarks are for Walker & Hall of Sheffield dated 1917. The size and weight of the brushes leads us to think they are a Gents set rather than a Ladies. High silver content here and Without Doubt the nicest set we have seen for a long time.
    NZ$ 245.00
  • Antique Chinese Silver Tea Strainer - Luen Wo - Circa 1900
    Beautiful silver filigree piece by the renowned Luen Wo who operated in Nanking Road, Shanghai , as a Jeweller & Silversmith circa 1875 to 1925. The Strainer is 6 3/4 " long with a bowl width of 2 1/2". Highly collectible!
    NZ$ 245.00
  • Ornate 1877 Victorian Sterling Silver Cheroot Case
    A wonderful old Cheroot Case in solid Sterling Silver with gilt interior. Profusely engraved this is a rather ornate case including the very stylised initials to the front of the lid. Fully Hall Marked for London 1877 with Makers Marks for Silversmith Henry William Dee. IN 1867 Henry and his Brother took over the family business established by their father Thomas in 1827. They produced High End items that were retailed by such famous Jewellers as Giuliano and Henry Wilson of Pall Mall. This splendid case has a few very minor indentations but is in really superb condition for its age of 140 plus years. The case measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/4" with a depth of 1/2". Weight is 88.5 grams
    NZ$ 245.00
  • Sterling Silver & Inlaid Greenstone Boxed Teaspoon Set
    A beautiful set of 6 small teaspoons in original presentation box. Marked Silver to Handle back and dating to around 1910 -1930's. Stunning set in Mint Condition...probably unused.
    NZ$ 245.00
  • Anglo Indian Silver Condiment Set Circa 1880-1900
    A quite rare set of of mustard, salt & pepper dating to the late 1800's in India. The Mustard Pot is marked Silver to base so we are quite sure the complete set is in fact silver. The pieces are all heavily engraved with Indian village scenes and are quite fascinating...there is also a Shield (not engraved) to front of the salt & pepper. The Mustard stands 2 3/4" high and the salt and pepper are each 2 1/2" high. Wonderful collectable pieces.
    NZ$ 255.00
  • French Antique Art Nouveau Silver Buckle
    A fabulous Art Nouveau Buckle dating to late 1800's or early 1900's circa 1890-1910. The buckle has TWO French Silver Hallmarks on the reverse. The ribbed buckle surround has a lovely applied decoration of Mistletoe with the leaves finished in gilt...very nice! The Buckle measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" and has a weight of 34.1 grams. The use of MISTLETOE decoration was a common and much favoured one for Art Nouveau pieces. In superb condition ….a wonderful collectible and priced very well.
    NZ$ 255.00
  • Nurses Sterling Silver Belt Art Nouveau Belt Buckle - Hall Marked 1894
    Lovely very solid buckle Hall Marked as Birmingham 1894 with a Makers Mark of D & F......this is for the Silversmiths DEAKIN & FRANCIS. Both parts are hall marked and combined weight is 66 grams so plenty of solid 925 silver here. The buckle is 3 3/4" across and 2 1/4" at widest point. We bought this 'well' so are offering it a very competitive price!
    NZ$ 255.00
  • Sterling Silver Victorian Bud Vase By William Comyns 1900
    Elegant Grecian Style Bud Vase by the renowned English Silversmith William Comyns. The Hallmarks are for London 1900. This vase has a 'weighted' base and is 6" in height...condition very good.
    NZ$ 275.00
  • A Pair of Sterling Silver Georgian Revival Candlesticks
    A very elegant pair of "Sticks" in Sterling Silver with weighted bases. The shape is Georgian circa 1770 but these were made in 1973 by Barker Ellis Silver Company of Birmingham, England, so hence our description as GEORGIAN REVIVAL.The Barker Ellis Silver Co Ltd, established in 1801, is one of the oldest firms of silversmiths and electroplaters now trading in Birmingham. Each stick is 7 3/4" in height with a base diameter of 3 3/4". These superior high quality English Candlesticks are in near MINT condition...just beautiful. Good strong Hallmarks on base edge of both pieces. As usual these are offered at an exceptionally great price.
    NZ$ 285.00
  • Indian Colonial Raj Period Sterling Silver Jug - Circa 1890
    A Rare piece of British Raj Era Silver in the form of a beautiful repousse patterned Creamer or Milk Jug. The item has no silver markings but we guarantee it to be of High Grade Silver and will provide Certification from our Jeweler. A nice historical piece with depictions of Indian 'Village Life'. The Jug stands 2 5/8" in height with a diameter of 2 1/4". Weight is 98 grams or 3.45 ounces.
    NZ$ 295.00
  • Russian Judaica
    Lovely tiny Kiddish Cup Hallmarked to the Russian Silversmith Israel Eseevich ZAKHODER and dating to around 1890 -1900. Beautifully decorated and In excellent condition....just 3 inches in height.
    NZ$ 295.00
  • Victorian Double Ended Perfume Bottle -Cobalt Blue and Silver
    English double ended perfumer Circa 1880 - 1890 in stunning cobalt blue with sterling silver caps. The item has a crystal glass 10 sided faceted body and measures 5" in length overall. It is in near perfect condition.....the glass has 2 tiny near unnoticeable 'flea bites' at one end on edges and one silver cap has a tiny indentation....have to look very hard to see it. As was quite common with these pieces the Silver has no hallmarks but we guarantee it is of Sterling Silver grade. As usual we have a flip top at the perfume bottle end complete with small stopper and a screw cap at the other end where generally smelling salts were held. CHECK OUR SUPER LOW PRICE!
    NZ$ 295.00
  • A Set of Four Georgian Teaspoons - Hall Marked for 1785
    A very fine set of GEORGE III teaspoons with bright cut engraving to handles. The teaspoons are all Hall Marked for London 1758 with Makers Marks for GEORGE SMITH II. Each teaspoon is 5" in length. Very minor faults only present as pictured. Each teaspoon is 14.2gms in weight.
    NZ$ 325.00
  • Victorian Sterling Silver Ladies Belt Buckle - 1895
    A stunning old piece with very ornate pierced engraving depicting a Roman or Medieval scene with Lady, man, child, and dog. The Hall Marks are for Chester, England, 1895 and the Maker is N.H. for Nathan & Hayes (George Nathan & Ridley Hayes) of Birmingham & Chester. We think this is probably a Nurses Buckle and the scene may portray a Physician and patient. Silver weight is 58 grams and the measurement across the joined parts of the buckle is 5 1/4" with a maximum width of 2 5/8" on each piece. A beautiful and rare piece.
    NZ$ 325.00
  • Solid Silver Brides Wedding Belt - INDIA Circa 1880-1900
    A truly lovely item dating to the late Victorian Period and the British Raj in India. This solid silver Brides Wedding Belt (stamped as 100%) has also been tested by our Jewellers as HIGH GRADE SILVER. Have a good look at the beautiful silversmith work on the piece.....hundreds of intricate Links and stunning decoration plus engraved Elephants to the buckle setting it all off. The Belt measures 35 inches in length and has a width of 1inch. It has a weight of 149 grams or 5.23 ounces.
    NZ$ 335.00
  • William Comyns Silver Bon Bon Dish in Repouse - 1896
    Beautiful repouse Bon Bon dish by the famed Silversmith WILLIAM COMYNS Hall Marked for London 1896. The dish measures 8 3/4" in length and 6 1/2" in width with a height of 1 1/2". Lovely condition with just one small split on edge...refer pictures. Silver weight is 145 grams.
    NZ$ 335.00
  • Victorian Sterling Silver Trophy Cup - Hall Marked For Sheffield 1901
    A superb solid Sterling Silver Trophy Cup on wood Plinth standing 8 1/4" in total height. The cup is Hall Marked for FENTON BROS Ltd., Sheffield, England, for the year 1901.The cup is in beautiful condition and is engraved with a Maiden hair Fern pattern and unusually it has no added engravings for a winners name etc so was never used as a trophy. Silver weight is 216 grams.
    NZ$ 385.00
  • Cum Wo Chinese Export Silver Napkin Rings Pair Circa 1880-1900
    A truly stunning pair of Pierced Silver Napkin Rings Marked for CUM WO (Hong Kong) circa 1880-1900. Cum Wo is regarded as a very sought after maker and this pair of Napkin Rings are a superb example of his work....they are in beautiful condition....clean and not monogrammed....each is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" in size with a combined weight of 54 grams of silver.
    NZ$ 435.00
  • Japanese 950 Grade Silver Name Place Card Holders - Meiji Period
    A Set of Ten Japanese VERY HIGH GRADE 950 sterling silver place card holders designed for use in seating at formal dinners. Each holder has a fold-out stand in back to keep it upright and to support the name card which is placed into the top. All ten pieces are uniquely designed and include the following motifs: a Folding Fan decorated with bamboo, a Rickshaw, a Thatched Hut, two different Garden Lanterns, a Pagoda, a Samurai battle helmet, two different Ships, & a Good Luck Cat. Each silver holder measures around 1" - 1 1/4" in height and width. Each piece is marked "STERLING 950." We date the pieces date to either late Meiji period or early Showa Period All in Excellent condition. Quite Rare Pieces and Highly Collectible. SUPER BUYING HERE....Similar pieces are listed at over US$600 or more.
    NZ$ 475.00
  • Peruvian 925 Grade Colonial Style Silver Photo Frame - Circa 1940
    Another really nice old .925 Silver Peruvian Photo Frame fashioned using the Repousse method in the Spanish Colonial Style. In nice condition ....good large size at 14 3/4" x 10 1/2" (38 x 26.5 cm)...circa 1940.
    NZ$ 495.00
  • Peruvian .925 Velasquez Silver Colonial Style Photo Frame - Early 1900's
    Superb old Double Photo Frame Made by Velasquez, Peru, Circa 1920-1930. The double thickness silver has been worked in Repousse in the Spanish Colonial Style. There are small faults mainly at the base with some loss of the silver...refer pics but overall in lovely condition for around 90 years of age. Measures 14" x 11" (35 x 27.5cm).
    NZ$ 525.00
  • Georgian Fine Set of Silver Sugar Pot & Creamer By Reid & Sons, Newcastle 1820
    A superb George 111 large Sterling Silver Sugar & Creamer set by the Silversmiths REID &SONS of Newcastle, England in 1820. The large ribbed Sugar Pot measures 8 3/4" across handle to handle and is 4 5/8" across and 3" in height. It has an almost oval body with bun feet, twin handles. and a gadrooned border. Some Very minor dings on body and some splitting to base of bun feet. The Creamer matches the Sugar Pot and measures 6 1/4" in overall length3 1/4" in width, and is 3 1/2" high at the lip....again just some tiny dings to the body. The combined silver weight of the two pieces is 435 grams. A very stylish and most unusual Georgian Pair. Similar types of Georgian sets are offered by online Antique Dealers at around UK POUNDS 750. (US$900.00 approx.)
    NZ$ 580.00
  • Gorgeous Big Peruvian .900 Silver Colonial Style Photo Frame - Circa 1940
    A BIG Impressive Photo Frame in .900 Silver grade done in the repousse method fashioned in the Spanish Colonial Style. Some minor faults but overall condition is really very good. Dates to around the 1940's. Measures 16 X 12 inches (42 x 31 cm).
    NZ$ 595.00
  • A superb Pair of Victorian Sterling Silver Gravy Boats - Hallmarked For 1898
    An Elegant Pair of late Victorian Sauce or Gravy Boats. The boats have plain baluster bodies with chippendale border edges, Flying Scroll handles, and cast Hoof feet. The Hall Marks are for 1898 with a Makers Mark for C.S & H (C.S. Harris & Sons Ltd) of London. These are good solid Quality pieces each weighing 8.5 troy ounces or 242 grams....they are 6" in length and 3 3/4" in width. The condition is near boat has small indents on the spout edge pictured. Similar pieces are offered in the UK at around 395 Great Britain Pounds (approx US$495)EACH. We are offering THE PAIR for US$750 to a lucky fast purchaser!
    NZ$ 675.00
  • Scottish Silver Tea Caddy - Hamilton & Inches - Edinburgh 1911
    A superb Scottish Solid Silver Tea Caddy Hallmarked for 1911 by the renowned Edinburgh Silversmiths HAMILTON & INCHES. This is a very Elegant "non fussy" piece of Scottish silverware measuring 4 1/4" in height and the same in diameter. There are some minor wear indentations to body and a scratch on the lid but overall a beautiful thing. Pieces by Hamilton & Inches (1866-to present) are very sought after fetching premium prices due the outstanding design and silversmith quality. Being offered at a highly realistic price. Silver weight 460grams or 16.2 ounces.
    NZ$ 695.00
  • Superb Victorian Wine Coaster Cart - Elkington & Co 1857
    A Fabulous rare Victorian Silver Plated Double Wine Coaster Table Cart. This piece measures 19 inches in length and each coaster bowl is 7 1/4 inches in diameter and 3 1/4 inches in height. Each bowl is festooned with grapes and leaves around the rims and the handle is made as a knarled vine bough. There are full markings for the maker.....Elkington & Co including the date letter for 1857.. Ellington & Co were established in Birmingham in 1815 and are famous for the quality of their Silver Plating ....... this lovely item is still in wonderful condition after some 160 plus years.
    NZ$ 780.00
  • Stunning Portuguese .833 Silver Brides Basket Center Piece
    A Large stunningly beautiful BRIDES BASKET CENTER PIECE Hallmarked for LISBON Portugal 833 grade Continental Silver. The Mark is that used for 'Large Pieces' of Silver from 1st January 1938. The Basket has a Swing Handle and has been beautifully worked in repousse decoration with Scallop Shells to the rim and fluting and flower buds to the inner basket. This is a large imposing piece measuring 13 3/4" in diameter with a height of approximately 11" to handle top. The piece weighs 840grams giving it an approximate scrap silver only value of around US$500.
    NZ$ 895.00
  • Aesthetic Movement Sterling Silver Vases - London 1903
    A beautiful pair of Aesthetic Movement Flower Vases with applied leaf & Floral decoration......Hallmarked for 1903 by the much admired Silversmith WILLIAM COMYNS of London. These Edwardian vases stand 7 1/2 inches in height and are in lovely condition. Hand Fashioned With weighted bases they weigh around 330 to 340 grams. Even allowing for the weighted bases there is a lot silver in these vases.
    NZ$ 1,330.00
  • Victorian Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Tea Set
    Stunning Tea Service Set stamped with Hallmarks for 1900 by Silversmiths Jenkins & Timm of 23 Orchard Lane Sheffield. The combined weight of the three pieces is 738 grams or 23.8 ounces of solid 925 grade silver. The teapot measures 8 1/2 inches from outside of the handle to tip of the spout. A splendid high quality late Victorian set.
    NZ$ 1,395.00
  • A Huge Pair of Superb Victorian Sterling Silver Goblets - Hallmarked 1866
    A Stunning Pair of Repousse Decorated Very Large Solid Silver Goblets Hallmarked for London 1866 By Silversmiths James Johnson & John Walker. These are truly imposing standing EIGHT inches in height with a diameter at Lip of FOUR inches. Being hand crafted the weights differ is 399.01 grams and the other is 376.71 a total Silver Weight of 775.72 grams. The bases are finished with beaded edges, beautiful fine stems with rising Acanthus Leaves to bowl, and with repousse Floral and Grapevine cartouches to bowls. The Bowl inners are Gilt Lined. Condition is as close to perfect as you can get. Amazing Pieces of Antique Silver Work!
    NZ$ 2,450.00
  • HUGE George II Irish Sterling Silver Trophy Cup Circa 1730-1740
    A fabulous large George II Irish two handled cup fashioned in solid Silver ....THIS IS LARGE....standing some 7.75" (19.5 cm) in height with a weight of 1116.5 grams (35.9 ounces). The Makers Mark is worn but appears to be that for William Williamson of Dublin, Ireland ( Circa 1730-1740). The Trophy Cup is engraved with an armorial or Family Crest and the condition overall is excellent. A lovely significant piece of Irish Georgian Silver at a truly outstanding almost identical piece by this same Dublin silver smith is listed online in London for close to 6000 UK Pounds( approx US$9000).
    NZ$ 4,250.00

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