19th Century Oval Silhouette Circa 1840s

19th Century Oval Silhouette Circa 1840s
I'm just not sure if this is Georgian or Victorian but definitely a nice old one. Measures 9 1/2" x 7 1/2"...backing paper looks to have been replaced. Found in England on recent buying trip. UPDATE: We received a very helpful email from Alden O'Brien who is a Clothing & Fashion Historian.... as follows "The silhouette of the woman in your oblong silhouette with the horses is completely classic 1840s. Shape and scale of skirt, shape of bonnet--absolutely positively 1840s. If the deathbed scene oblong one came with the other, it's probably the same date--harder to tell with the woman putting her hands up to her face (probably putting her apron up to wipe her tears), but her skirt looks about the same. Thanks so much Alden!
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