S.S. Tamaroa Souvenir Tea Caddy Spoon

S.S. Tamaroa Souvenir Tea Caddy Spoon
A neat old Souvenir brass Tea Caddy spoon with enamel Shaw Savile Line Crest. The Tamaroa was built as "Sophocles" at the Harland and Wolff yard in Belfast for the ABERDEEN LINE. She and her sister ship SS Diogenes, like other Aberdeen Line ships were conceived primarily as cargo vessels. Sophocles had accommodation for 130 first class and 420 third class passengers. In 1926, Sophocles and Diogenes were chartered by Shaw, Savill & Albion for the New Zealand trade. The third class accommodation was greatly improved and both ships benefitted from conversion from coal burning to oil, which brought an increase in speed to 15 knots, for the cost of £70,000 each. At this time Sophocles was renamed Tamaroa and Diogenes was renamed Mataroa . During World War II both Tamaroa and her sister ship were pressed into service as troopships. Tamaroa served in the North African campaign. At the end of hostilities, both vessels were refitted for tourist class only and served on the UK-Panama canal-New Zealand route until their scrapping in 1957.
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