Royal Doulton FALSTAFF Dewars Whisky Flask - Kingsware Series

Royal Doulton FALSTAFF Dewars Whisky Flask - Kingsware Series
This is the Royal Doulton Kingsware Dewar's Whisky Flask depicting Sir John Falstaff has an Original Dewar's Stopper,....the piece is 8" tall with a width of 6 1/2" and is in PERFECT CONDITION. This Kingsware Flask is Reputedly one of the Rarest Dewar's Whisky Flasks. The Flask has a flattened circular body with elongated handle. Not marked on the flask but the Doulton Number is Rd No. 508037 ...made from around early 1900s to 1939. The Falstaff Flask can occur with or without title, and sometimes with Dewar’s Scotch Whisky or Dewar’s Whisky on the reverse and the character can have either a Green or Brown hat. This flask is Titled FALSTAFF and has the Dewar's logo to base....also remnants of a foil label to back. Sir John Falstaff appears in Shakespeare’s Henry iv and the Merry Wives of Windsor – a fat, witty, god humoured Knight, loving jests, self-indulgent and over-addicted to sack. Royal Doulton Kingsware was developed by Charles Noke and produced between 1898 and 1939. No other factory in the world has been able to recreate the same lustrous finish. The rich, brown effects of the Kingsware glaze were achieved by painting the design in colored slip on the inside of the plaster mold, then the dark slip was added to the body. CHECK OUT OUR PRICE verse other online offers!
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