French 'Faience' Jug By Henri Delcourt Circa 1913-1935

French 'Faience' Jug By Henri Delcourt Circa 1913-1935
Lovely little faience jug just 7 1/4' in perfect condition. In 1918 Jules Verlingue sold his share holding in the Boulogne-sur-Mer business to his partner Henri Delcourt and Henri Delcourt sells Julius Verlingue his shares in Quimper. Delcourt stays alone at the head of this pottery, but he continues to use the models created by J Verlingue. Many exchanges persist between the two factories ... Delacourt's brother Leon is also a shareholder in Quimper. His statuettes and Breton sceneries in this period are in the style of the creations of Quimper.
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