Welsh Souvenir Door Knocker for Jenny Jones

Welsh Souvenir Door Knocker for Jenny Jones
A tiny souvenir brass Internal Door Knocker depicting JENNY JONES and measuring just 3" X 1". ...dates to early 1900's. Jenny Jones was the famous subject of a song ‘Jenny Jones, or the Maid of Llangollen’ with words by the English comedian Charles (Charlie) Mathews (1776 – 1835) and music by John Parry (Bardd Alaw, 1776-1851). The melody was known in Wales by the name ‘Cader Idris’ and was printed in ‘Parry’s Welsh melodies’. The song tells of the love that Edward Morgan, a sailor, had for her and how he had travelled the world and seen many famous people, but wished to return to Llangollen and make Jenny Jones, Jenny Morgan. Jenny Jones, normally with her milk can, was depicted in many prints, brass bells, china and other souvenirs. It is said that the original Jenny Jones was a dairy maid of Pont Bleiddyn near Mold in North Wales..
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