Vintage Native "Komodo Dragon" Coconut Shaver

Vintage Native
This is an incredible piece of hand carved wood which we think comes from the islands around Komodo Island in Indonesia. The Komodo Dragon is actually a very large lizard and they are known as "ORAS" by the local villagers. This is a pretty old item...I would think early last century at least ...there are a few old borer holes present (we've treated these), and the wood has the very dark & smooth patina of very old wood. The tongue is forged from steel and this is the part that was used to shave the coconut meat from the inside of the opened shell...note the tongue tip is serrated. The head has been split at the neck at some time and one leg has a small part of the foot part broken off. There is also a chunk missing from under the neck but this looks like it may have been present in the wood when the piece was first carved. The large tail piece was used to either place the foot on, or sit on, to hold the shaver steady when using it. This a genuine old item that measures 25" in length and 19" from foot to foot. It stands some 13" high top the tongue tip. A fascinating and quite rare old piece.
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