RARE Rif Rebellion Trench Art Taka Ichiane Morocco 1920

RARE Rif Rebellion Trench Art Taka Ichiane Morocco 1920
In 1912 the Sultan of Morocco Moulay Hafid handed power to General Lyanty the French "Resident" in Morocco. Spain, however, ruled large parts of the country and it was their decision to extend their power into the Rif Mountains that led to the RIF WAR with the Berbers. In 1920 a major rebellion by the tribes of the RIF MOUNTAINS led by Abdd Karim Khattabi started, and this went on until 1926 until the Berbers were finally defeated and Khattabi was sent into exile. The SPANISH Foreign Legion were involved in the fighting during this period and in 1925 the french also joined the fighting in the RIF.....I would think that this then involved the French Foreign Legion also. This shell is either Spanish or French I would has an F marking on the base and with the shell markings 75 DEC Ln. Also, D 154 L.44.D. The engraving work is excellent and depicts a turbaned native warrior with an old musket standing in a building arch-way. The words ...TAKA ICHIANE with the date 1920 are engraved length-ways on the shell. Fascinating historical piece. It is 13 3/4' tall with a base diameter of 3 3/8".
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