British Monarchy Silver Jubilee Record 1910-1935

British Monarchy Silver Jubilee Record 1910-1935
This large ( 14 1/4 x 10 1/4" ) book was produced by The London Illustrated News in 1935. The book has 84 pages with a large number of photographs, 16 of which are in full colour. The book is a fabulous historical record of the period 1910-1935 and covers not just the Royal Family but all the events of the period. This includes sections on, for instance, The Royal Navy, The Army, Arts & Stage, Aviation, Science, Archeology, and so on. Also some marvelous old Advertisements. The condition inside is very good indeed. The cover is a little tatty on the spine and there is a tape on the inside back and front cover pages covering the staples which show some rust. However, the binding is nice and tight and there is no evidence of rust marks or spotting inside the book. A fantastic high class book that is a fascinating must have for any ardent Royalty or British Empire collector.
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