Genuine Spanish Civil War Propaganda Poster - Condor Legion Coupon Rations Sheet

Genuine Spanish Civil War Propaganda Poster - Condor Legion Coupon Rations Sheet
The Spanish Civil War was a major conflict fought in Spain from 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939. The war began after a pronunciamiento (declaration of opposition) by a group of conservative generals under the leadership of José Sanjurjo against the Government of the Second Spanish Republic, at the time under the leadership of President Manuel Azaña. The rebel coup was supported by a number of conservative groups including the Spanish Confederation of the Autonomous Right, monarchists such as the Carlists, and the Fascist Falange. Following the partially successful coup Spain was left militarily and politically divided. From that moment onwards, conservative general Francisco Franco, began a protracted war with the established government, as loyalist supporters of the centre-left Republican Government fought the rebel forces for control of the country. The conservative generals (Nacionales) received the support of Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy, as well as neighbouring Portugal, while the Soviet Union and Mexico intervened in support of the Republican government. The PCE (Partido Comunista de España - Communist Party of Spain)was led by José Díaz in the Civil War. The Communists had been a minor party during the early years of the Republic but came to dominate the Popular Front after Negrín became Prime Minister.The Republicans (also known as Loyalists) received weapons and volunteers from the Soviet Union, Mexico, the international Marxists movement and International Brigades. Their supporters ranged from centrists who supported a moderately capitalist liberal democracy to revolutionary anarchists; their base was primarily secular and urban, but also included landless peasants, and was particularly strong in industrial regions like Asturias and Catalonia. This faction was called variously the "Loyalists" by its supporters and the "Republicans", "the Popular Front" or "the Government" by all parties, while its enemies referred to Republicans as "THE REDS".These poster Ration Coupon Sheets were made during the 1940's in the printing workshop of Alcala de Henares prison and El Dueso Prison,among others, by the prisoners as work that served to redeem their sentences.Poster Size is 11.5" x 8.25") There are some errors in dates and spelling on some posters as these were drawn and painted by hand, then printed using old lithographic presses and distributed among the population for use in bars, restaurants, offices, and public places.These are not reprints but genuine old lithograph originals.
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