Island of Bali - Miguel Covarrubias 1938

Island of Bali - Miguel Covarrubias 1938
This is a Third Edition 1938 printing Published by Alfred Knopf New York in Very Fine condition with original Dust Jacket. There is minor taping only on dust jacket near top binding. The book is 9.5" x 6.5" of 417 pages plus about 10 pages of index. A lovely copy. No visitor to the island of BALI was to make such a profound impact on how Bali was to be interpreted to the outside world than the Mexican illustrator and writer Miguel Covarrubias. His classic work, The Island of Bali, produced in the 1930s, is still regarded by many Balinists as the most authoritative text on Bali and its fascinating society. Included in this text is a wealth of information on the daily life, art, customs and religion of Bali, remarkably much of it still valid, fresh and insightful as it was when it was first written over 50 years ago. In the words of Covarrubias himself, he set out to present a "bird's eye view of Balinese life and culture." The author, a noted painter and caricaturist and student of anthropology lived in Bali for a total of three years in the early 1930s. Introducing the island with a survey of its history, geography and social structure, Covarrubias goes on to present a captivating picture of Balinese art, music and drama. Religion, witchcraft, death and cremation are also covered. Island of Bali will appeal to anyone with an interest in this utterly unique island, general readers and serious anthropologists alike. Complementing the text are 90 drawings by Covarrubias and countless others by Balinese artists. Also included are 114 half-tone photographs by Ruth Covarrubias and five full-color paintings.
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