Viet Cong 1962 CREDIT NOTE Vietnam War

Viet Cong 1962 CREDIT NOTE Vietnam War
Phieu Chi....An Emergency Issue Combat Acquisition Document Credit Note. This is a rare document issued by the NLF - National Liberation front. A Credit Note issued by Viet Minh / Viet Cong forces for goods acquired from natives without payment, a form of IOU issued to villagers and merchants for goods acquired (more often than not by. or under threat of force, either spoken or unspoken). These documents are the epitome of the 'Catch 22' Scenario. To refuse to give your goods and accept the document (thereby showing your lack of support of the communist forces) was no less dangerous than hanging onto it for future possible redemption and possibly having it found by allied forces (thereby proving your support of the communist forces). As such, these were seldom kept and are therefore extremely rare.
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