POLY Harriers Bronze Art Nouveau Small Plaque Dated 1921

POLY Harriers Bronze Art Nouveau Small Plaque Dated 1921
This super little Bronze Plaque is just 2" x 1 1/2" and depicts an Angel in Chariot with Cherub alongside...ant the name H.J. RILEY.....on the obverse is the inscription for 7th Place ...POLY HARRIERS NORTH OF THAMES....C.C. TEAM 1921. The ART NOUVEAU PLAQUE probably dates to the 1890-1910 period I'd think. The Polytechnic Harriers was founded by philanthropist Quintin Hogg in 1883. He was a firm believer in the health-giving and character-building qualities of sport. The Polytechnic Harriers were formed in 1883, they were known for four years as the Hanover United AC, and were the athletics arm of Quintin Hogg's Regent Street Polytechnic. The active promotion of sport, combined with the generous provision of facilities at the Polytechnic Clubs, made sport accessible to large numbers at a time when many sports (such as football) were becoming organized for the first time and local, national and international competitions were beginning to develop. The Polytechnic Harriers were the most remembered and celebrated out of the many sports clubs that arose from the Regent’s Street Polytechnic. The Polytechnic Harriers were based at the Chiswick track, but their name confirmed that they were connected to this important educational and sporting institution.Harriers was a male only club. In 1985 The Polytechnic Harriers merged with The Royal Borough of Kingston AC, a women's club that evolved from Surrey AC, and it is now known as Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers (Kingston & Poly).
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