Old Brass Rubbing Of A Norman Knight & His Wife

Old Brass Rubbing Of A Norman Knight & His Wife
This is another very nice one and a good size at 52" x 20".....a Knight and his Wife with their Heraldic Crests. We have a number of really great BRASS RUBBINGS that we are now listing. These were rubbed from brass tomb plates in a number of ancient English Churches in the 1960's and earlier. Many Churches in England have now banned the rubbing of brasses due to damage and wear problems so old quality brass rubbings have become very collectible. When you pause to consider the 'Rubbers' knelt for hours on stone floors in cold and damp Churches to do these rubbings, the unique and historical importance of the work, plus the wonderful decorative value of these, the prices they go for is really wonderful value for money. Imagine this matted and will make an outstanding & eye catching decorative piece for your home or office.
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