English AIRSHIP R-37 Promotional Book ' AIRWAYS' Circa 1920

English AIRSHIP R-37 Promotional Book ' AIRWAYS' Circa 1920
A wonderful old DIE CUT booklet for the English Rigid Airship R-37 printed in Germany around 1920 as a promotional aid for the coming launch of the Airship R-37. AIRSHIP R-37 was the Sister Ship to R-36 but she never saw service as when the economic downturn hit in 1920 passenger numbers reduced markedly and although 90% completed she was dismantled in 1921. R-36 and R-37 were designed around 1914-1915 but due to the advent of World War One were not built until after the WAR ended in 1918. They were a lengthened version of the R33 CLASS having 25 silk walled compartments for 50 passengers and were 675 feet in length with a diameter of 78 feet with 5 engines. Obviously this is a very rare booklet for an Airship that in fact never flew. The booklet is 15 1/2" x 8" with 12 thick paper pages and cardboard covers. As pictured there some are signs of old dampness to the front cover and bottom edge of front page but in general the pages are clean and tidy with just odd marks or tears. A super find for those interested in the history of RIGID AIRSHIPS or aviation in general.
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