JIMMIE ALLEN 'Richfield Hi Octane' Advertising Metal Badge

JIMMIE ALLEN 'Richfield Hi Octane' Advertising Metal Badge
The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen was first broadcast on February 23rd, 1933 (this first stint ran through to 1937) ....the last broadcast was in1947 and this second stint ran from 1946 to 1947). The writers of Jimmie Allen had been flying aces in World War 1. They came up with the idea of a show about a boy pilot whilst at a party in Kansas City and used there experience as pilots to create and write the show. The show was one of the first to capitalise on the idea of a club as a promotional tool. To join the Jimmie Allen Flying Club all a child had to do was apply at any Skelly gas station (the initial sponsor). As a member the child received a whole host of goodies ranging from a set of wings through to a “personal” letter from Jimmie himself. An incredible 600,000 club newspapers were sent out to children each week and many thousands attended the Jimmie Allen Air Races that were held in Midwest cities. One interesting fact about this show is that the original Jimmie Allen, John Frank, was over 40 years old when the series was first aired. This badge is in MINT CONDITION and measures 1 7/8" x 1 /2".
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