CUNARD Shipping Souvenir "My Trip Abroad" 1927-1933

CUNARD Shipping Souvenir
This wonderful little notebook is a "mine of information" with lots of details on things marine and nautical including great illustrated full colour pages of ships flags and things. Then there are the signatures of the Captains of both the S.S. CARONIA and the R.M.S. CARMANIA dated as 1927 & 1928 respectively. There are copious detailed notes on this ladies travels, accommodations, and people and addresses. There are also quite a few old receipts and dockets including 2 pages of letter on the letterhead of the RMS CARMANIA. The notebook measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" and has a large World map at the back which folds out to 26" x 18"
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