Chinese Carved Photo Frame - Shanghai Circa 1940's

Chinese Carved Photo Frame - Shanghai Circa 1940's
A Fantastic piece of UNIQUE ONE OFF Chinese Memorabilia dating to the Civil War in 1940's. This picture or photo frame Shows The Nationalist Chinese Flag together with The British White Ensign with the words...SHANGHAI - CHINA. Beautifully carved out of one piece of wood it measures 11 1/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches. Note: The Naval White Ensign and the LIFEBUOY shaped inner circle of the frame plus The Ships Anchor at base of frame....these would strongly suggest the frame was made for a Royal Navy Officer as a memento of his time served in Shanghai. One crack by the word Shanghai which we will glue and clamp. The Shanghai Campaign was a series of battles fought between the nationalists and the communists from 12 May to June 2, 1949 for the control of Shanghai in the latter stage of the Chinese Civil War, and resulted in the city being taken over by the communists who enjoyed the numerical superiority. With a population of six million, Shanghai was the largest city in China in 1949 and provided around a third of the total GDP of China by that time. Both the communists and the nationalists believed that World War III was a real possibility and this perception influenced the strategic decisions of both sides. The nationalists who defended the city had hoped that by using the resources of the wealthiest city of China, they would last until World War III when foreign intervention would occur. With foreign intervention, not only they would be able to defend the city, but they could counterattack and take China back from the enemy. If the city could not last until World War III, the nationalist would withdraw via sea and transfer the wealth with them, after destroying the city completely, just like the scorched-earth policy used against the Japanese invaders in many parts of China during World War II. Although the truthfulness of this perception of the nationalists remained in question, the enemy certainly believed that there was a possibility, as the nationalist propaganda had claimed, and thus was determined not to let it happen by taking the city as early as possible.
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