Massive 1944 Peruvian Football Trophy "Manuel Prado"

Massive 1944 Peruvian Football Trophy
This Massive Peruvian Bronze/Brass Trophy stands 29 inches high with a base diameter of 10 inches ( 74 x 26cm). With the Football player standing on top of the football and the three standards with Eagles surrounding it this 75 year old Trophy is really most impressive by any standards. Minor defects as per pictures. The Presentation details are of course all in Spanish but basically the Trophy is named as The MANUEL PRADO TROFEO - Presidente de La Republic. ....For the First Division Championship of The Provincial Football League. Awarded in 1944 to Huancayo. Most likely Presented by the President. HUANCAYO is the Capital of The Junin Region ib the Peruvian Central Highlands. MANUEL PRADO (1889-1967) was President of Peru from 1939-1945 and again in 1956 to 1962 when he was replaced by a Military 3 Man Junta. He died in exile in August 1967. A GREAT FIND for Collectors of Football Memorabilia and Trophies.
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