Spanish 1944 Bullfighting Magazine "Sol Y Sombra"

Spanish 1944 Bullfighting Magazine
AN ORIGINAL SOL Y SOMBRA Spanish bullfighting magazine dating to 25 Marzo 1944...of 31 pages plus cover....measures 11 3/4" x 8"....condition good as per pictures. Bullfighting is an iconic tradition in Spain and one of the defining cultural characteristics of this Iberian nation. Deplored by some and adored by others, bullfighting is a bloody and violent spectacle that straddles the boundaries between art and brutality. Spanish bullfighting was first brought to the attention of the Western world in Ernest Hemingway's novel "A Sun Also Rises." It remains a curious attraction for many travelers in Spain, despite the ongoing disputes between moral activists and die-hard bullfighting aficionados. The Bullfighting season in Spain lasts from spring through autumn, with Sundays typically the biggest day. Visitors can purchase three kinds of tickets: "Sol" tickets are the cheapest because your seats are in the sun, "sol y sombra" tickets are mid-range seats that have a combination of sun and shade, and "sombra" tickets are the most expensive tickets because you get to sit in the shade. The Spanish sun in summertime is usually very hot, making it worth the extra ticket price if you burn easily.
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