McGill University Montreal Miniature Hand Mirror Souvenir - Circa 1900

McGill University Montreal Miniature Hand Mirror Souvenir - Circa 1900
A charming miniature metal Hand Mirror just 2 1/2" long bearing The Crest For McGILL University of Montreal, Canada. Note the Latin translation for MONTREAL at base of Monte Regio. Considering the text below from 1847 it appears most likely that this little souvenir item dates to Victorian Times. "On the first Monday of 1847, a letter signed A Student appeared in The Gazette to set readers straight on the significance of the name Montreal. He noted that the seal of McGill College rendered Montreal in Latin as Monte Regio. The letter writer was having none of it. “Though the word Regius be nearly synonimous (sic) with Regalis,” he sniffed, “yet I think that both words ought not to be employed indiscriminately.” Regius, related to regio, means “of a king,” he continued, whereas regalis, from the same linguistic family as regali, “signifies more properly Royal, Kingly, Princely, like a King. I think, therefore, that Monte Regali would be better than Monte Regio.” Take that, alma mater. McGill might well have taken it, incidentally. While it surely would have required more than a pedantic student’s letter to the editor, it’s undeniable that somewhere along the way the seal bearing the words Universitas Collegii McGill Monte Regio fell out of use".
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