Victorian Brooch Hand Painted on Porcelain With Jet Mount

Victorian Brooch Hand Painted on Porcelain With Jet Mount
I would think this brooch dates to around 1880 -1900.....probably the beautiful lady hand painted on the porcelain was the original owner of the brooch. The brooch is OVAL measuring 1 1/2" 1 1/8"....the surround looks to be 9 carat gold as it has not tarnished....can not see any markings. The porcelain piece has been mounted on to a solid base of JET 1 /4" thick...... a piece of the jet on the back has broken off at some time in the past....not at all noticeable from the front. The back pin mount we think is brass with the pin itself being copper. Really lovely item for a collector of Victorian jewelry.
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