Great RILEY'S Cream Toffee Tin - Circa 1910 - 1930

Great RILEY'S Cream Toffee Tin - Circa 1910 - 1930
A colourful RILEY'S CREAM TOFFEE Tin with wonderful 'Boy's Adventure' type graphics dating it to around 1910-1930. The tin is rust free but has had a few dings in its stands 7" tall with a diameter of 5". Riley Brothers (Halifax) Limited was founded by Fred Riley and his brother J. H. Riley in 1907. The company was famous for its Toffee Rolls which came in 7 flavours: original creamy, fig, date, liquorice, golden cream, rum & butter, and mint & butter. The works were originally in the family home until the factory moved to the Kingston Toffee Mills in Hopwood Lane in 1911, just around the corner from John Mackintosh's Chocolate Works on Queens Road. It was the Kingston Biscuit Factory before becoming the confectionery-making factory of Riley's Toffees. The mill was damaged by fire on January 2nd, 1918. It was famous for its 120 ft high chimney with the company's name picked out in glazed white bricks, each letter being almost 7 ft tall. When J. H. Riley died in 1953, the company was bought by Nuttall's. It was later bought by the Guinness Group and then by Callard & Bowser. Then in 1988 by United Biscuits / McVities and finally by the US giant, Kraft.
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