Vintage Unusual 1920's RADIO OWL

Vintage Unusual 1920's RADIO OWL
This wonderful old thing is made of a lead base spelter metal and is quite heavy. The Owl stands 4 1/4" tall and has a triangle with an H in it on its head. On the front at the bottom is imprinted an Owl with the words RADIO OWL Los Angeles. I am told these Owls were used as timers for radios but this one needs a bit of work to make it operational. Obviously it had a lead and plug as there is a lead hole in the base and inside the base are some electrical fittings.There is a rod inside the owl's body where you set the timer has Hours calibrated on it. A weird and most unusual item...condition is pretty good...some metal cracking on the base and it looks like Mr Owl was painted brown originally but very little paint left now. One eye was missing which we have replaced.
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