R.M.S. Franconia Cunard White Star Liner - 1938 World Cruise

R.M.S. Franconia Cunard White Star Liner - 1938 World Cruise
A Large (12 1/2" x 9") High Quality 38 page plus fold out travel map Brochure promoting the 1938 FRANCONIA WORLD CRUISE. The cruise departed Southampton on December 24th 1937 to travel some 42.000 miles around the World arriving back in Southampton on June 12th 1938. The RMS Franconia was an ocean liner operated by the Cunard Line from 1922 to 1956. She was second of three liners named Franconia which served the Cunard Line, the others being RMS Franconia built in 1910 and the third Franconia in 1963.She was launched on 21 October 1922 at the John Brown & Co shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland. Her maiden voyage was between Liverpool and New York in June 1923; she was employed on this route in the summer months until World War II. In the winter she was used on world cruises. In September 1939, she was requisitioned as a troopship after refitting at Liverpool. Franconia was returned to Cunard in June 1948 and was refitted on Clydeside, finally resuming passenger service on 2 June 1949 on the Liverpool to Quebec and Liverpool to Halifax routes. In this role, Franconia brought many post war immigrants and refugees to Canada. The ship sailed from Liverpool 28 June 1949 and arrived Quebec 5 July and sailed from Liverpool again 21 July arriving Quebec 28 July. In July 1950 she went aground on the Île d'Orléans in the Saint Lawrence River after leaving Quebec. After being pulled off the reef she was repaired and resumed in service on the Canadian run in September 1950. The Franconia was retired in 1956 with her fleet mate RMS Ascania having been replaced on the Canadian run by the Saxonia, Ivernia and the Carinthia
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