Australian Aborigine Smoking Pipe

Australian Aborigine Smoking Pipe
This old Australian Aboriginal smoking pipe ( Djambatuka ) measures 181/2 inches in length and has a diameter of around one inch tapering down at the mouth end to 3/4 inch. The Pipe is finely and heavily carved with Tribal Markings. The hole at the far end is where the tobacco was stuffed into the pipe and usually a piece of tin or bark was used as a sort of bowl to feed the pipe. The very end of the pipe is stuffed with clay, gum, or wood bits etc to seal it off. According to a very similar carved pipes The National Museum Of Australia this is a " Malayan-type (Macassan) wooden pipe, and is evidence of trade and contact with other regions and people prior to European occupation ". "Smoking pipes with long stems such as this example were introduced into Arnhem Land by traders from South Sulawesi." There is strong linguistic evidence from Aboriginal Australia to support the proposition that the Macassan pipe was originally an opium pipe. In their studies of Makasar or Makassarese loan words, linguists have documented numerous terms that associated the pipes with opium. In the Yolngu language a widespread term for pipe, ‘bamutuka’, derives from the Makassarese ‘pammudukan’, meaning ‘bamboo opium pipe’. Other loan words used in the region include ‘ma:ta’ (long wooden pipe), which derives from the Bugis or Makassarese ‘mada’ for ‘prepared opium’ (Zorc 1986). Yet another word used for pipe, ‘jandu’, is borrowed from the Bugis, Makassarese, Javanese and/or Malay ‘candu’, meaning ‘prepared opium, softened with water before use’ (Walker and Zorc 1981, pp. 118, 126; cf. Evans 1992). In order for these introduced words to become embedded in Aboriginal languages, they, and the objects they describe, must have been in frequent use by the Macassans.
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