A Pair of Pitcairn Island Hand Vases or Chalices - Circa 1935

A Pair of Pitcairn Island Hand Vases or Chalices - Circa 1935
A beautifully hand crafted Pair of Pitcairn HAND VASES or CHALICES each marked 'Souvenir From Pitcairn Island' to the front. These are hand carved from Miro Wood harvested on the coral atoll of Henderson Island. Condition is superb and each one measures just under 9" in length with a lip diameter of 3 1/4". These pieces belonged to the father of the lady we obtained it from and she advised me that her Father travelled by ship from England via Pitcairn to New Zealand in 1935 and he purchased these, and the Basket we are also listing, during the ships stop-over at the island.
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