Tribal DINKA Doll - Africa Mid 20th Century

Tribal DINKA Doll - Africa Mid 20th Century
To me this looks a bit a giant Earthworm it measures 24" in length with a width of around 5 to 6". The body is hollow and looks to be fashioned out of bark which is held together with an intricately woven web made from what appears to be bark or vine plant material. The head is also of natural material...a nut or gourd type, and the arms are carved wood. A Unique piece for anyone into this sort of thing. We have received a most helpful email from Jessica who has advised this piece is not meant to be scary at all fact the reverse.....Jessica has advised this is actually an Omdurman / Baggara doll and these dolls represent the Dinka tribes women....she says that this one is missing most of its finery as the strings of beads do break etc..... but its not a weird creepy magical haunted is ACTUALLY a fashion ornament! The item is clean and would have had to have been fumigated when bought into the country through Customs. THANKS Jessica for your knowledge and expertise in this area and for sharing it with us!
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