Chewing Tobacco Tin 'Bootjack Plug" Circa 1900

Chewing Tobacco Tin 'Bootjack Plug
Very nice little alloy tin just 3 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 3/8" . States on tin....THE BEST CHEW ON EARTH. ADVERT copy from The San Francisco Call, Volume 83, Number 73, 11 February 1898. The Famous Boot Jack Tobacco. If you use tobacco you surely want the best. Boot Jack plug is made from choice selections of leaf— the cream of the crop. It is pure, clean and lasting. The unanimous verdict is there is no chew like Boot Jack. Of course it costs a little more than the common brands, but it lasts longer and gives much better satisfaction. It is always best to pay a trifle more and get Boot Jack plug than to waste money on inferior brands. •
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